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Be Still

Day 174 in my healthier lifestyle as I wend my way toward meeting up with Mickey  (8 months and 14 days to go!)

Today’s plan was to take the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment online.  Done!  It’s part of my health insurance plan.  Each year I can earn $150 in Wellness Dollars by taking the assessment.  The money is loaded onto a dedicated credit card and can be used to pay for any medical expenses.  Mike is also on my plan so he can do the same.  That’s $300 in out of pocket health costs paid just by taking the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment.

Once I have completed the assessment, I can begin to qualify for another $350 (and so can Mike) by doing some activities and recording the results online.  This is what put me on the sugar-free road last year.  And it actually got Mike to eat a healthy breakfast for six weeks in a row.  So all totaled we can earn $1000 toward those out of pocket health costs.  We’d be crazy to NOT do this, right?

It’s a bit tougher this year.  Our choices are:

  1. Be Still: Tend to my emotional well-being through daily prayer practice for 6+ weeks
  2. Keep a Fitness Journal: Tend to my physical well-being by tracking physical activity for 10+ weeks
  3. Keep a Food Journal: Tend to my physical well-being by tracking all food and drinks for 10+ weeks.

The Fitness Journal seems like a no-brainer, since I am already trying to increase my activity level, but honestly, I think I need the Be Still path.  I believe that my emotional well-being had a lot to do with the weight I’ve put on in my life.  I think some more concentrated God-time can only benefit me.  So that’s the plan.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I think Mike will choose the Fitness Journal, since he’s swimming four to five mornings a week.  🙂


Salad and Swimming

Day 136 in my quest to be at my best when I meet up with Mickey

I’ve been at work for just over three hours, and the printer has been humming the whole time, except for a small break when I ran the church’s January newsletter to the post office.  Christmas Eve…printed and in place.  Christmas Day…printed and ready to go.  Sunday, December 28…printing now and I will stuff it and have in ready within the hour.  Praise God!!

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we are headed out of town on five days of vacation after work today.  My plan for today is to swim tonight at the Hampton Inn (or my version of swimming which is to walk around in the pool for half an hour) and to order a salad when we dine out at our favorite Green Bay eatery, Grazies Italian Grill.  I will skip the amazing pasta this time.  After all, it’s Christmas Eve eve, so I want to be as good as possible.  Seriously, folks, all bets are off for the next two days.  I won’t go crazy, but I will indulge in some holiday favorites.

I will meet you at the Kingdom!

Disney Love

Day 118 in my current love affair with Walt Disney World and Mickey

Things I adore about a Walt Disney World Vacation:

  1. Family together time away from the stresses and pressures of daily life and work.
  2. Old Key West-I literally exhale and all my stress drifts away when I get there.  Whether  it’s hanging out in our room or relaxing by the pool or sharing a meal at Olivia’s, this place is just my happy place.
  3. The Magic Kingdom–this is the place that I become that little girl again, the one who always wanted to go to “Disneyland” but never got to go, because it was too far and too expensive.  Disneyland and I are both 59 years old this year, and for me it’s been a 56 year love affair with all things Disney.  (That’s about when I have my first memories of Disney.)
  4. EPCOT, Disney Hollywood Studios, The Animal Kingdom–Each park is so unique and so interesting.  I love to see the changes every time we go, even though I sometimes miss the attractions that have gone away.  (I still miss the original “Journey Into the Imagination” ride, and don’t even get me started on “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”!)  But this time we will see the New Fantasyland and the first stage of the changes at Disney’s Marketplace.
  5. I love the fact that you walk about 5 miles a day, and it doesn’t feel like torture.
  6. I love some serious pool time.  I expect to do miles of pool walking in October just because I can.  🙂
  7. Amazing gourmet meals.  We make it a point to schedule one sit-down meal together for each day that we are there.  Favorites include Olivia’s, The San Angel Inn Restaurante and Tony’s Town Square.  And this year we will be there for the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT for the first time.  Looking forward to that!

My plan for today is to think on these wonderful “loves”, so that my zeal will be renewed, and I will put some extra active-ities into my day.  I finished setting up for the Womens’ Cookie Exchange this morning.  I will grocery shop on the way home from work today.  And tonight I will take a more active role in decorating the tree and the house for Christmas.  The kids will come over (Yay!) and we will have “The Dip” while we decorate and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  And you know what?  It is a wonderful life!  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: The Dip is not a diet friendly dish.  We have it twice a year, (1) when we put up the Christmas Tree and (2) on Oscars night.  (A) In a pie pan you spread 8 oz. of cream cheese. (B) Top with 6 chopped green onions. (C) Top with a can of No Bean Chili. (We do one pan with no beans and one pan with beans) (D) Top with 8 oz. of sharp cheddar cheese.  You can either microwave for 5 minutes, or you can heat it at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.  We prefer the oven, as it stays hot longer.  Serve with your favorite chips.  Mike and I prefer Ruffles; Jake and Eliza (aka The Kids) like blue corn chips.  Tonight we’ll also have veggies on the side.  For me: more veggies, less chips.  🙂

Enjoying the View

Day 106 in my reverie to a reunion with my favorite mouse Mickey.

Greetings from the top of Christmas Mountain.  Today we pack up and head home.  It has been a wonderful, whirlwind of a weekend.

Today my plan is to enjoy the view.  It is a gray morning here and there is a mist in the valley below us, but it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Then when we get home, we’ll go and shop for our Thanksgiving feast.  I’m going to skip the candied yams and the gravy this year.  We’ll have turkey, mashed potatoes, mashed rutabaga and a half batch of stuffing.  Eliza and Jake will prepared the Brussels sprouts and salad.  I’m sure Mike will bake a custard pie.  It will be a feast for sure, but with a little healthier twist this year.

That’s about enough for today.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I highly recommend Wisconsin Dells in the off-season.  There is still plenty to see and do, but the traffic is way more do-able than in the summer.  Between all the walking and swimming we’ve done, we’ve all managed to get plenty of exercise, too.

Christmas Mountain Village Part 2

Day 105 as I sashay sassily toward Mickey at the Magic Kingdom.

Wow, dear readers, we are in a paradise!  Christmas Mountain Village is lightly snow-covered.  Today is the first day the ski slope is open, so we can watch the skiers schussing down the hill.

After breakfast this morning we went and walked around some of the shops.  So fun!  The six of us (John and Joan, our lovely besties, Jake and Eliza, our lovely nearby kidlings, Mike, my birthday-boy husband, and I went to Sprecher’s Brewery for lunch.  They had an amazing grilled chicken “pub” salad, on which I feasted.  I had 3 delicious cheese curds as an appetizer (we split a basket between the six of us).  Then the birthday boy chose a white chocolate creme brulee for his birthday dessert.  We each tasted 2 spoons of that and then Mike finished it up.  Sheer indulgence!

Mike and the kids went to Top Secret, Inc, which is the “White House” (upside down), with a T-Rex coming out of the side.

Now we’re relaxing at the Townhouse.  (But Jake and Eliza are heading to Wizard Quest to play a bit more.)  Then tonight I swim…again!!!  You guys, I had so-o-o much fun last night!  I walked in the pool for close to an hour and came out pruny and happy.  I will do so again tonight.  What a delightful and surprising weekend.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Christmas Mountain Village

Day 104 in my backstroke to be in Mickey’s backyard

I am at Christmas Mountain Village!!  It is so beautiful here.  We Mike, Jake, Eliza, John, Joan and I) will have a wonderful (Mike’s) birthday weekend here.  We had lunch at a place called Moosejaw in town.  I had a delicious soup and salad lunch with beer batter bread.  Yum!  Tonight we’re off to celebrate a huge Wisconsin tradition: Friday Night Fish Fry.

So my plan for today is to go and walk in the pool until I am a wrinkled prune.  🙂  It will be so fun and so refreshing.  I can just feel the tension slipping away as I partake in the beauty of this winter wonderland.  Loving this!

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Family, Friends and Food

Day 61 in my waltz towards Walt’s World (and Mickey)

We made it to the UP!  Yippee!  My sister-in-law Julie has a my-fi here so I can post today. (Thanks, dear sister-in-love!)

Today is a day to make the best possible choices.  Food will be catch as catch can, luckily the Hampton Inn includes a breakfast buffet, so I was able to have a banana and yogurt and coffee for breakfast.   Lunch so far is cheese curds and whole wheat crackers.

So this day will go that way.  I will fly by the seat of my pants and eat as best I can.  I’m off to a wedding rehearsal soon, and I am already thoroughly enjoying visiting with the fam.

I did my minutes in the swimming pool at the hotel last night.  What a blast!!  I kept getting cramps in my feet and my left leg.  It’s just been too long since I swam.  I wish I could do it every day!  It was delightful to move around in the water.

Gotta go.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Payday Two

Day 60 in my dance devoted to meeting the Mouse at the Castle

Todays’ plan was to face the scale again to see if making healthier food choices and moving more is having an impact on my weight.  This is early this month.  My weigh days are the 11th of the month; however, because we are heading out of town tonight I had to weigh early this month.

The good news is that I’ve lost another 5.4 pounds this month.  (Don’t you just love digital scales!!)  That means in the last 60 days I’ve lost 18.8 pounds.  That is a fantastic side-effect to living a healthier life!  And, you know, I feel 18.8 pounds lighter.  I know I have a lot more energy than I had 60 days ago, and it makes me super excited to think about what lies ahead.  (Anticipation…anticipa-a-tion is making me wait…keeping me waiting.  Come on, sing it with me…)  Gotta love Carly Simon!

Tonight I hope to do my 20 minutes of walking in a swimming pool in Green Bay.  I haven’t been in a pool for a few years, so I’m pretty jacked about it.  🙂  I’m pretty jacked in general.  Can you tell my coffee was caffeinated this morning?  🙂

Thanks for hanging in there with me, dear readers.  Love and peace to you all.  Meet you at the Kingdom!