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Walking, Eating and Living Life to the Fullest

Day 412 in celebrating on my way to see Mickey (18 days to go)

This morning’s jams as I took my early walk were: Kiss Me by Six Pence None the Richer and Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.  I made it a little farther than yesterday, but I am really feeling it now.  My legs are like, “What are you thinking?!?”  But it’s a good sore, a progress-being-made kind of sore.

Tonight I attend the Women of Faith Conference (named Loved) in Hoffman Estates, Illinois with my bestie from Michigan and my bestie from Illinois.  Yay!  Jean and Joan in the same room praising the Lord with me; it doesn’t get any better that that!  We will hear Sandy Patty, Sheila Walsh and Sarah Jakes Roberts tonight and many more tomorrow.  Man, oh, man, I am juiced up…with excitement (and a little bit of caffeine).  🙂

We three girls are having a pajama party at the Hampton Inn tonight.  That way we save about two hours of driving.  We’ll go down early, check in to our room, grab some dinner (I hope to find a dinner salad) and head to Sears Centre for renewal and uplifting praise!  Woo hoo!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


Merry Christmas Eve!

Day 137 as I stay merry on my way to Mickey

Merry Christmas Eve!  My plan for today is to live in the moment.  I will appreciate the people and conversation around me.  I will eat healthily with a few Christmas indulgences.  I will walk around more, rather than sitting through the entire day.  I will make merry.

Now I am off to my complimentary Hampton Inn breakfast, so we can continue winging our way north to beloved family and friends.

May you have a very Merry Christmas Eve.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Salad and Swimming

Day 136 in my quest to be at my best when I meet up with Mickey

I’ve been at work for just over three hours, and the printer has been humming the whole time, except for a small break when I ran the church’s January newsletter to the post office.  Christmas Eve…printed and in place.  Christmas Day…printed and ready to go.  Sunday, December 28…printing now and I will stuff it and have in ready within the hour.  Praise God!!

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we are headed out of town on five days of vacation after work today.  My plan for today is to swim tonight at the Hampton Inn (or my version of swimming which is to walk around in the pool for half an hour) and to order a salad when we dine out at our favorite Green Bay eatery, Grazies Italian Grill.  I will skip the amazing pasta this time.  After all, it’s Christmas Eve eve, so I want to be as good as possible.  Seriously, folks, all bets are off for the next two days.  I won’t go crazy, but I will indulge in some holiday favorites.

I will meet you at the Kingdom!

Family, Friends and Food

Day 61 in my waltz towards Walt’s World (and Mickey)

We made it to the UP!  Yippee!  My sister-in-law Julie has a my-fi here so I can post today. (Thanks, dear sister-in-love!)

Today is a day to make the best possible choices.  Food will be catch as catch can, luckily the Hampton Inn includes a breakfast buffet, so I was able to have a banana and yogurt and coffee for breakfast.   Lunch so far is cheese curds and whole wheat crackers.

So this day will go that way.  I will fly by the seat of my pants and eat as best I can.  I’m off to a wedding rehearsal soon, and I am already thoroughly enjoying visiting with the fam.

I did my minutes in the swimming pool at the hotel last night.  What a blast!!  I kept getting cramps in my feet and my left leg.  It’s just been too long since I swam.  I wish I could do it every day!  It was delightful to move around in the water.

Gotta go.  Meet you at the Kingdom!