Christmas Mountain Village Part 2

Day 105 as I sashay sassily toward Mickey at the Magic Kingdom.

Wow, dear readers, we are in a paradise!  Christmas Mountain Village is lightly snow-covered.  Today is the first day the ski slope is open, so we can watch the skiers schussing down the hill.

After breakfast this morning we went and walked around some of the shops.  So fun!  The six of us (John and Joan, our lovely besties, Jake and Eliza, our lovely nearby kidlings, Mike, my birthday-boy husband, and I went to Sprecher’s Brewery for lunch.  They had an amazing grilled chicken “pub” salad, on which I feasted.  I had 3 delicious cheese curds as an appetizer (we split a basket between the six of us).  Then the birthday boy chose a white chocolate creme brulee for his birthday dessert.  We each tasted 2 spoons of that and then Mike finished it up.  Sheer indulgence!

Mike and the kids went to Top Secret, Inc, which is the “White House” (upside down), with a T-Rex coming out of the side.

Now we’re relaxing at the Townhouse.  (But Jake and Eliza are heading to Wizard Quest to play a bit more.)  Then tonight I swim…again!!!  You guys, I had so-o-o much fun last night!  I walked in the pool for close to an hour and came out pruny and happy.  I will do so again tonight.  What a delightful and surprising weekend.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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