Family, Friends and Food

Day 61 in my waltz towards Walt’s World (and Mickey)

We made it to the UP!  Yippee!  My sister-in-law Julie has a my-fi here so I can post today. (Thanks, dear sister-in-love!)

Today is a day to make the best possible choices.  Food will be catch as catch can, luckily the Hampton Inn includes a breakfast buffet, so I was able to have a banana and yogurt and coffee for breakfast.   Lunch so far is cheese curds and whole wheat crackers.

So this day will go that way.  I will fly by the seat of my pants and eat as best I can.  I’m off to a wedding rehearsal soon, and I am already thoroughly enjoying visiting with the fam.

I did my minutes in the swimming pool at the hotel last night.  What a blast!!  I kept getting cramps in my feet and my left leg.  It’s just been too long since I swam.  I wish I could do it every day!  It was delightful to move around in the water.

Gotta go.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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