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Eradicating Emotional Eating

Day 66 in my expedition to maneuver to Mickey

Confession time: I am an emotional eater.  The problem is that it doesn’t matter the emotion.  If I am happy or celebrating, then what better way to celebrate than with my “favorite” foods?  Cupcakes or donuts or cheesecake and Cheetos and Bridge Mix, etc, etc, etc…  Or then if I’m bummed out (depressed) or just plain sad or tired and nostalgic,  what better way to comfort myself than with my “favorite” foods?  Yup, you guessed it:  cupcakes or donuts or cheesecake and Cheetos and Bridge Mix, etc, etc, etc…

I have just lived through a two week incredible high which was filled with family, fabulous friends and a lot of food.  Praise God, and thank you, dear readers, for keeping me accountable.  I made really good choices most of the time.  I remained sugar-free, and (tun-ta-da-da!) I ate NO wedding cake.  That is the first time in my life that I went to a wedding and didn’t eat SEVERAL pieces of wedding cake.  Instead I danced with my family, and boy oh boy, was it ever fun!!

Now Emi (my sweet daughter) has gone home.  The house is very quiet, and I am craving sugar like mad!  So today’s plan is to fight the urge.  I won’t make any promises about tomorrow, but for today I refuse to eat my emotions.  Instead, I’m going to allow myself to feel my emotions…to live through my emotions.  And I am going to eat in a balanced, nutritious and sensible manner.

And just for fun, I’m going to put on a music dvd and dance for twenty minutes reliving some of the fun of Nathan and Jordan’s wedding reception.  (BTW:  They are the cutest ever!  And their love is so precious to see!)

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW2: “favorite” is in quotes above because my new favorite foods are those that actually give nourishment to my body.  I am SUCH a work in progress.  🙂


Recommitment to Change

Day 65 in my  trek toward Mickey

Holy wah!  One year from today, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we will be at Old Key West in the heart of Disney World.  I have twelve months to get to a healthier state.   So today I am recommitting myself to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Stay sugar-free
  2. Walk more and further
  3.  Plan healthy, nutritious meals
  4. Keep blogging

My plan for today is to work out our menu for the week and make up a store list.  I am completely pooped out from our trip to the UP.   (Which was fantastic!!!)  AND Emi, my daughter, leaves back for home in England today.  So, this is what I call a low energy kind of day.

But tomorrow I plan to hit the ground running…well, walking.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Cavorting at the Carlsons

Day 63 in my prance to the park that is the Magic Kingdom and my main mouse Mickey

I am still in the beautiful UP, and my day is all about visiting and drinking coffee.  I love me some coffee!  I usually just drink  about one cup of decaf a day, but in the UP all bets are off.  Caffeinated coffee well into the afternoon.  Yes, dear readers, I’m a bit buzzed.  🙂

Todays’ plan: We (Mike, Jake, Emi, Eliza and I) will go to dinner at Mama Mia’s tonight with my brothers and sister-in-law. It is a super-delicious Italian restaurant.  So my plan is to make healthy choices (no pasta tonight) at my  savory dinner.  Maybe a steak with veg.  I will however completely enjoy a piece of garlic bread.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I just turned down my friend Wayne’s homemade cinnamon rolls.  He did however make juustoa (a Finnish cheese).  That I did NOT turn down!  Yum!


Family, Friends and Food

Day 61 in my waltz towards Walt’s World (and Mickey)

We made it to the UP!  Yippee!  My sister-in-law Julie has a my-fi here so I can post today. (Thanks, dear sister-in-love!)

Today is a day to make the best possible choices.  Food will be catch as catch can, luckily the Hampton Inn includes a breakfast buffet, so I was able to have a banana and yogurt and coffee for breakfast.   Lunch so far is cheese curds and whole wheat crackers.

So this day will go that way.  I will fly by the seat of my pants and eat as best I can.  I’m off to a wedding rehearsal soon, and I am already thoroughly enjoying visiting with the fam.

I did my minutes in the swimming pool at the hotel last night.  What a blast!!  I kept getting cramps in my feet and my left leg.  It’s just been too long since I swam.  I wish I could do it every day!  It was delightful to move around in the water.

Gotta go.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Payday Two

Day 60 in my dance devoted to meeting the Mouse at the Castle

Todays’ plan was to face the scale again to see if making healthier food choices and moving more is having an impact on my weight.  This is early this month.  My weigh days are the 11th of the month; however, because we are heading out of town tonight I had to weigh early this month.

The good news is that I’ve lost another 5.4 pounds this month.  (Don’t you just love digital scales!!)  That means in the last 60 days I’ve lost 18.8 pounds.  That is a fantastic side-effect to living a healthier life!  And, you know, I feel 18.8 pounds lighter.  I know I have a lot more energy than I had 60 days ago, and it makes me super excited to think about what lies ahead.  (Anticipation…anticipa-a-tion is making me wait…keeping me waiting.  Come on, sing it with me…)  Gotta love Carly Simon!

Tonight I hope to do my 20 minutes of walking in a swimming pool in Green Bay.  I haven’t been in a pool for a few years, so I’m pretty jacked about it.  🙂  I’m pretty jacked in general.  Can you tell my coffee was caffeinated this morning?  🙂

Thanks for hanging in there with me, dear readers.  Love and peace to you all.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Planning Ahead

Day 59 in my trek toward terrific times with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom

Well, faithful readers, tomorrow I leave my cozy, controlled environment to travel to party central.  Woo hoo!  We are headed to the UP (Michigan’s gloriously beautiful Upper Peninsula) for a family wedding.  I’m a bit nervous, because I can already hear it calling to me: “Donna, come and get me, Donna!  I’m waiting for you.”  It’s the wedding cake calling.  🙂

Thankfully, the reception will be well patrolled by many whom I love, who know what I am trying to accomplish and who want the best for me.  Hopefully if they see me stumbling toward the cake table with glazed eyes, they will intercede and talk me down.  Tee hee!  It’s really not that dire; I exaggerate because I know myself.

So anyway today’s plan is to think ahead and plan ways to stay on track.  I really do want to make the healthiest choices possible.  I just feel better.  59 days in, I still have miles to go in the marathon toward a healthier me, but I already feel better than I did when I started.  My blood sugar numbers are truly impressive for me, and many days I just have more energy than I’ve had in a long time.  I really want to fight to stay the course and be the best possible me at Walt Disney World in October 2015.  I WANT IT!  (Even more than I want wedding cake…and that’s a lot!)

Thank you, dear readers and encouragers, for taking this journey with me.  It’s a real pip!  See you at the Kingdom!

BTW: The internet connection can be an issue in the great north country.  I’ll do my best to blog every day, but I may end up posting when I get back.  We shall see.  😉  I’m so-o-o-o-o excited!  I can’t wait to catch up with family and friends!!!


It Takes a Village

Day 42 in my quest to be my best for Mickey

Today’s plan contains a few things:

  1. Mike eats seeds everyday.  They are his favorite snack, and he is nearly out of sunflower seeds.  So step one for today is to travel to Walgreens and shop for Mike’s seeds.  However, instead of running in and running out like I usually do, I will stay and walk and browse for at least 20 minutes.  That way I’ll get some steps in for me and my handy-dandy Fitbit.  And I will mo-o-o-ove some.  🙂
  2. We are singing with our besties, the Carlsons, the next time we visit the UP.  So step two for today is going into the basement and putting on a full-court-press to find a song, “Come, Let Us Reason.”  This means more time on my tootsies, and I’ll walk the stairs a few extra times today.  Plus there will be stretching and bending as I search.
  3. My dear daughter-in-law picked up a book from the library for me to see.  It’s titled, “I Quit Sugar” by Sarah Wilson.  So my third step for today will be to come home and looking through this book.  There are 108 sugar-free recipes in it, so I will look for some new ideas to try.

There you are, dear readers.  A threefold plan today.  As you can see it takes a village for my plan today.  Thank you Mike, Wayne, Jean and Eliza for getting me up, moving and planning today.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: 42 days ago I would not have had the energy to pull off this three step plan.  I’m definitely noticing the difference that the nutritious food and the more mo-o-o-oving are making.  🙂  PTL!