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When It Started for Me

Day 319 in showing my Disney-side as I wait to meet up with Mickey (3months and 20 days to go)

This year Disney has been asking the question, “When did it start for you?” “When did what start?” you might ask.  They want to know when your love of all things Disney began.  I’ve been thinking about this, looking back to see when the connection was made.  Disneyland was opened the year I was born, 1955.  They are having a huge Diamond Celebration this year as the park turns 60 years old.  I remember being very young and faithfully watching The Mickey Mouse Club on TV.  It turns out that it first aired in 1955.  Before I began school, I remember begging my mom to enroll me in The Mickey Mouse Club. For a nominal fee, you could sign up by mail and receive a certificate and Mouse Ears, that proved you were a member.  I waited and watched for the postman every day, and day after day my mom would say, “Not today, Honey.  Maybe tomorrow.”  Finally a few weeks later the package arrived.  I tore it open with such excitement, because at last I was a member and could watch The Mickey Mouse Club with my ears on.  But when I looked at the certificate and the ears, I was disappointed.  In my youth I read that I was an “Artificial Member of the Mickey Mouse Club.”  I went to my mom in tears saying, “Why am I only an Artificial Member?  We paid the money.”  Mom wiped my tears, and read the certificate out loud, “Donna Taskila is an Official Member of The Mickey Mouse Club.  It says you are Official, not Artificial.”  I grinned from ear to ear, and I wore those Mickey Mouse Ears until they disintegrated.

That’s it.  That’s the moment when I became a Disney diehard.  I liked it before, but from that moment I was all in: hook, line and sinker.

I am so excited for October!  Meet you at the Kingdom!


TV Research

Day 193 in my trek toward Mickey

Today’s plan was decided for me.  There were several hours of programs on TV about Walt Disney World and Disneyland to day.  I consider it research for ideas for our trip in October.  I had some other things planned for today, but after dinner last night I became ill.  My stomach is upset.  So today is a good day to be home, watch The Discovery Channel’s Disney programs, and eat very carefully.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Disney Love

Day 118 in my current love affair with Walt Disney World and Mickey

Things I adore about a Walt Disney World Vacation:

  1. Family together time away from the stresses and pressures of daily life and work.
  2. Old Key West-I literally exhale and all my stress drifts away when I get there.  Whether  it’s hanging out in our room or relaxing by the pool or sharing a meal at Olivia’s, this place is just my happy place.
  3. The Magic Kingdom–this is the place that I become that little girl again, the one who always wanted to go to “Disneyland” but never got to go, because it was too far and too expensive.  Disneyland and I are both 59 years old this year, and for me it’s been a 56 year love affair with all things Disney.  (That’s about when I have my first memories of Disney.)
  4. EPCOT, Disney Hollywood Studios, The Animal Kingdom–Each park is so unique and so interesting.  I love to see the changes every time we go, even though I sometimes miss the attractions that have gone away.  (I still miss the original “Journey Into the Imagination” ride, and don’t even get me started on “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”!)  But this time we will see the New Fantasyland and the first stage of the changes at Disney’s Marketplace.
  5. I love the fact that you walk about 5 miles a day, and it doesn’t feel like torture.
  6. I love some serious pool time.  I expect to do miles of pool walking in October just because I can.  🙂
  7. Amazing gourmet meals.  We make it a point to schedule one sit-down meal together for each day that we are there.  Favorites include Olivia’s, The San Angel Inn Restaurante and Tony’s Town Square.  And this year we will be there for the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT for the first time.  Looking forward to that!

My plan for today is to think on these wonderful “loves”, so that my zeal will be renewed, and I will put some extra active-ities into my day.  I finished setting up for the Womens’ Cookie Exchange this morning.  I will grocery shop on the way home from work today.  And tonight I will take a more active role in decorating the tree and the house for Christmas.  The kids will come over (Yay!) and we will have “The Dip” while we decorate and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  And you know what?  It is a wonderful life!  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: The Dip is not a diet friendly dish.  We have it twice a year, (1) when we put up the Christmas Tree and (2) on Oscars night.  (A) In a pie pan you spread 8 oz. of cream cheese. (B) Top with 6 chopped green onions. (C) Top with a can of No Bean Chili. (We do one pan with no beans and one pan with beans) (D) Top with 8 oz. of sharp cheddar cheese.  You can either microwave for 5 minutes, or you can heat it at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.  We prefer the oven, as it stays hot longer.  Serve with your favorite chips.  Mike and I prefer Ruffles; Jake and Eliza (aka The Kids) like blue corn chips.  Tonight we’ll also have veggies on the side.  For me: more veggies, less chips.  🙂