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Doing the Hard Work

Day 114 as I walk toward Mickey at the Magic Kingdom (10 months and 12 days to go!)

Today’s plan was to get up early, head to the Lake Bluff Health and Fitness Club and walk before work this morning…and…mischief managed!  I did it…on a Monday…in single-digit wind chills.  That’s a bit of a miracle.  Hallelujah!  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13.  To God be the glory!

I step on the scale again on December 11.  I’m so curious to know how things went over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I did adjust the menu and some of the recipes to make them healthier.  Then Mike and I went to an Advent Dinner at church last night.  Again I chose carefully at the buffet table, and instead of loading up my plate with several of the scrumptious desserts on display, (like I have in years past) I only had a bit of Carol Bennett’s famous rice pudding with boysenberry sauce.  What a treat!  Carol, you never cease to amaze!

I like the way I feel.  I just feel better, healthier, more energetic.  Sore, too, from walking, but even that is a good sore.  It sure beats the soreness that was setting in from sitting too much!

Thank you so much, dear readers, for all your encouraging words.  I appreciate you more than you will ever know.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Nesting Up & Resting Up

Day 111 in my journey to Mickey

Today’s plan is to rest up.  I find I am tired out today.  We made rather merry yesterday, and I stayed up ridiculously late last night.  So after writing the bills for this payday, finishing cleaning up the kitchen, putting clean sheets and new pillows on the bed and doing some laundry, I am giving myself some time to watch some favorite Thanksgiving movies.  I especially like, “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving.”  Such a beautiful period film about a family trying to make ends meet after Papa dies suddenly.  I highly recommend it.

BTW:  Eliza and Jake found sugar-free pumpkin spice flavoring for coffee.  And, as if that isn’t enough, Eliza brought over her espresso maker and her milk steamer and made me a sugar-free pumpkin latte yesterday.  Sheer bliss!  And this morning I had a sugar-free pumpkin spice coffee in the comfort of my own home.  Take that, Starbucks!  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Giving Thanks

Day 110 in my turkey-trot toward magical Mickey

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers!  May we be truly thankful for all of God’s bounty.  God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

If you find yourself alone and/or heartbroken this Thanksgiving, then I pray that the Holy Spirit himself be there to wrap you in love, to let you know you are never truly alone.  He is ever faithful and holds you near and dear.

My plan for today is to enjoy my Thanksgiving day and dinner with Mike, Jake and Eliza.  I’ve taken out the sugar and some of the fat from my favorite recipes.  Now I will start with reasonable portions, eat slowly while enjoying the company, and I will stop eating before I am uncomfortable.  After all, it’s not about how much I can stuff in, as much as it is about tasting a bit of everything.

Here’s the final menu:

  • turkey
  • stuffing
  • mashed potatoes
  • mashed rutabaga
  • cranberry sauce
  • a rosemary carrot dish
  • a Brussel sprout, cauliflower, chick pea dish
  • challah bread
  • custard pie

Whew!  It will be a feast for sure.  We are cutting the candied yams and the gravy out for this year.  But with all that bounty, it does not seem like a sacrifice at all.

May God bless and keep you, gentle readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Of Mice and Thanksgiving

Day 109 in my planning for a healthier me when I meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom.

My office stinks…literally.  We are having a mouse infestation at the church.  Anderson Pest Control takes care of us, so they have had to come out nearly every other day for the past twp weeks.  As I type, the efficient Anderson Pest Control Guy is removing the dead carcasses that are stinking up my office.  (And my work partner Debbie’s office, too.)  Whew!  I will not miss that smell.  🙂

I sure hope that Mickey is not too insulted that we are having a mouse-massacre at St. James.  Four more have bitten the dust in the last two days.  (2 in my office and 2 in your office, Debbie.)

I love me some Mickey Mouse, but the other kind freak me out, and I know why.  I remember it like it was yesterday, but in reality I was three years old…a good 55, nearly 56, years ago.  I was sitting on the toilet feeling very exposed and vulnerable, when my mom and dad heard a blood-curdling scream.  They rushed into the bathroom just in time to see the tiniest baby mouse run back under the water heater.  Ever since then, I have an absolute irrational fear of mice.  And an equally irrational love of Mickey.  Hmmm…go figure.

Anyway, my plan for today is to prepare for tomorrow.  I need to get my recipes out tonight and plan ways to cut some of the fat out.  The only sugar will be in the custard pie.  I will allow myself a Thanksgiving celebratory piece-o-pie.  (Mike, my amazing husband, is the pie maker, and he’s really good at it!  He learned from the best, his mom.  Love you, Estella!)  Mike has agreed to only make one pie, or if he makes two, then he will bring the second pie up to the shop for the guys on Friday.  I’m telling you, people, Mike Jarvi is a good guy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, dear readers.  May your holiday be filled with family, friends, good food, parades, football (That’s for my brothers; Mike and I watch movies instead.) and lots of fun.  I am truly grateful for each of you in my life!  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Staying on Track

Day 107 in my wandering toward Mickey

Well, it’s that time again.  I have 3 days to really focus and be on track, then Thanksgiving Day hits.  We got our shopping mostly done last night, and I finished it off on the way to work this morning.  It will be nice to have a four day weekend at home.

So today my plan is to eat very carefully, being sure to choose low fat proteins and plenty of vegetables with some fruits thrown in for fun.  Salmon tonight, I think, with a big side salad and just a taste of sweet potato soup.

I want to make my plans to prepare the healthiest versions of our chosen foods for our Thursday feast.  I want the day to be about giving thanks to the Father who loves us every day.  More thanks and praise to God; less thanks and praise to my full belly.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Enjoying the View

Day 106 in my reverie to a reunion with my favorite mouse Mickey.

Greetings from the top of Christmas Mountain.  Today we pack up and head home.  It has been a wonderful, whirlwind of a weekend.

Today my plan is to enjoy the view.  It is a gray morning here and there is a mist in the valley below us, but it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Then when we get home, we’ll go and shop for our Thanksgiving feast.  I’m going to skip the candied yams and the gravy this year.  We’ll have turkey, mashed potatoes, mashed rutabaga and a half batch of stuffing.  Eliza and Jake will prepared the Brussels sprouts and salad.  I’m sure Mike will bake a custard pie.  It will be a feast for sure, but with a little healthier twist this year.

That’s about enough for today.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I highly recommend Wisconsin Dells in the off-season.  There is still plenty to see and do, but the traffic is way more do-able than in the summer.  Between all the walking and swimming we’ve done, we’ve all managed to get plenty of exercise, too.

Errand Girl…Errant Girl?

Day 84 in my mission to mingle with Mickey

Errant Girl: My Pumpkin Spice Latte and my Pina Colada cupcake yesterday were yummy!  So tasty.   BUT I definitely experienced the inevitable post sugar-ingesting crash.  The sugar from the latte contributed to an early afternoon sugar coma/nap.  The sugar, from the cupcake at dinner, helped keep me up until 1:00 am.  I felt sluggish and and listless this morning.

So today’s plan was to get a bunch of errands done…Errand Girl.  And I did!  Here’s the list:

  1. shower and wash my hair
  2. clip my nails
  3. pluck my chin hairs (I hate this part of aging!)
  4. do some laundry
  5. pick up a few groceries
  6. input the music for a new Lamb of God on “Sybelius” for the congregation and for Damascus Road to use during Advent through Lent
  7. write bills for this pay period
  8. go to the post office, buy stamps and mail said bills
  9. figure out our tithe for 2015 and prepare our pledge card for Commitment Sunday (November 9)
  10. plan our menu for the week
  11. write a store list for grocery shopping tomorrow
  12. help prepare dinner
  13. do the dishes.

Whew!  Sure beats sitting in my chair all day, eating junk food and slipping in and out of simple-carb comas/naps.  Winning!!

So, gentle readers, there is progress being made.  And by the grace of God,  I have left sugar behind me again until Thanksgiving Day.  I will most likely have another sugary latte and a piece of pumpkin pie.  But I will follow it with a 5K walk on the following Saturday.  (Well, as far as I can make it anyway…)  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!


Ode to the Pumpkin Spice Latte on Halloween

Day 83 in my destiny to dance with Mickey

“O Pumpkin Spice Latte, I love you.  I do.  When October winds blow, my mind turns to you.  When I’m freezing my patootie off, you warm me right through.  O Pumpkin Spice Latte, I love you.  I do.

O Pumpkin Spice Latte, I love you.  I do.  You’re a cinnamony, gingery pumpkin delight, with just enough sugar to give me a fright.  Today I savor you without any fear, then leave you behind until Thanksgiving is here.

O Pumpkin Spice Latte, I love you I do.  And to your sweet taste I will always be true.  I can’t drink too many, my blood sugar is the cue, but Pumpkin Spice Latte, I love you.  I do.”

Ahhh…I am enjoying my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year.  (I ordered a venti decaf skim Pumpkin Spice Latte with no whip.  Yum!   Starbucks could make a fortune if they would just create a “Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte.”  Their “Skinny” drinks are made with skim milk and sugar-free syrups.  I have tried Skinny Vanilla Lattes, Skinny Hazelnut Lattes, Skinny Caramel Lattes and my personal favorite Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes.  They are delicious!  Come on, geniuses, invent!!!  How hard can it be to take the sugar out???

Anyway my plan for today is to savor my drink and pick up a cupcake for Mike and I for our Halloween treat tonight.  And I really do want to get out there and take that walk on the wild side.  It is freezing here in Lake Bluff with gale force winds, but no snow accumulation yet.  PTL!  Pray I don’t blow away, or become the victim of a “Widow Maker.”

Happy Halloween, dear readers!  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: Mike worked at a sawmill for a bit when he was working his way through college.  They called very windy days Widow Makers, because in the woods limbs could snap off at any time and come crashing down on the workers, thus making their wives widows.  How’s that for a macabre Halloweeny thought?  🙂

Too Pooped to Pop

Day 39 in my journey to see Mickey

Today I am just plain pooped.  True confession time: I didn’t make the 20 minutes in my walk yesterday.  I made 12 minutes.  I just have such a long way to go.  But I find it interesting that some days I feel full of vim and vigor and can push myself pretty far and other days it’s a no-go.  The walk was beautiful yesterday; I was just worn out from work.   I figure, at least I made the 12 minutes and I can push for longer next time.

Here’s my plan for today: take it easy on myself.  I will eat healthy: half of an omelet for breakfast with a piece of rye toast, lentil soup with a roll and an apple for lunch, a banana with sugar-free peanut butter for after work snack, and a grilled lean ham, 2% Swiss cheese, spinach and spicy mustard sandwich with a spinach and tomato salad for dinner.  Then I will go to sleep tonight (I hope I sleep better than last night) and try again in the morning.

Today I signed up for a 5K walk on November 29.  I will walk off some of my Thanksgiving dinner for a cause.  It’s called the COOL 5K/10K Walk/Run and it benefits the COOL Food Pantry in Waukegan.  They are helping me to help them.  🙂  They get the funds from the registration fee, and I get an incentive to walk more.  Win-win.

Meet you at the Kingdom!