Planning Ahead

Day 59 in my trek toward terrific times with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom

Well, faithful readers, tomorrow I leave my cozy, controlled environment to travel to party central.  Woo hoo!  We are headed to the UP (Michigan’s gloriously beautiful Upper Peninsula) for a family wedding.  I’m a bit nervous, because I can already hear it calling to me: “Donna, come and get me, Donna!  I’m waiting for you.”  It’s the wedding cake calling.  🙂

Thankfully, the reception will be well patrolled by many whom I love, who know what I am trying to accomplish and who want the best for me.  Hopefully if they see me stumbling toward the cake table with glazed eyes, they will intercede and talk me down.  Tee hee!  It’s really not that dire; I exaggerate because I know myself.

So anyway today’s plan is to think ahead and plan ways to stay on track.  I really do want to make the healthiest choices possible.  I just feel better.  59 days in, I still have miles to go in the marathon toward a healthier me, but I already feel better than I did when I started.  My blood sugar numbers are truly impressive for me, and many days I just have more energy than I’ve had in a long time.  I really want to fight to stay the course and be the best possible me at Walt Disney World in October 2015.  I WANT IT!  (Even more than I want wedding cake…and that’s a lot!)

Thank you, dear readers and encouragers, for taking this journey with me.  It’s a real pip!  See you at the Kingdom!

BTW: The internet connection can be an issue in the great north country.  I’ll do my best to blog every day, but I may end up posting when I get back.  We shall see.  😉  I’m so-o-o-o-o excited!  I can’t wait to catch up with family and friends!!!



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