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My Disney Experience

Hiya Dear Readers,

Today I want to talk about a very useful app for those heading to Walt Disney World. It’s called “My Disney Experience.” If you book a stay at a Walt Disney World hotel, you can link it to this app, and then a wide world of convenience is at your finger tips. And when you buy Disney Park tickets and link them to this app, the rest of the World opens up to you. Once these things are in place, you can:

  • Book dining reservations 180 days ahead of your stay
  • Book FastPass+es for three rides a day at the parks
  • Then once you’re in the parks you can:
    • Check wait times for rides
    • Check the times for your FastPasses+es
    • Find characters in the park for photos
    • Search dining menus
    • Use Mobile Ordering: Place your order in advance and it will be ready when you get to the restaurant
    • Check out shows and showtimes for the day
    • Find PhotoPass photographers-If you’ve purchased PhotoPass for your vacation, which I have, you can find the photographers with the app
    • Find the nearest restroom
    • Check for bus times to and from the parks/hotels
    • Search for whatever you cannot find
    • Once you’re back home, you can use the app to download all your PhotoPass pictures.

That is one handy app! (Thanks to Get Down to Disness for the info listed above.) I love the Get Down to Disness Daily Agenda Book, too. It’s available online at getdowntodisness.com. I get a new one each time we book a trip. It makes it easy to keep all reservations organized, ie: flights, hotel reservations, dining reservations, FastPass+es, etc…

Another handy thing about the app is you can connect everyone in your travel party to the app, so they have access to all of the above, too. I can’t recommend the My Disney Experience app enough. It is golden!

God bless you and keep you, Dear Reader! Meet you at the Kingdom.

Donna Jarvi




Disney Customer Service

Day 278 on my Disney musings as I make my way to Mickey Mouse

I have to take time to pay homage to Disney Customer Service.  You don’t have to travel to many countries as a tourist, before you realize just how good customer service is at Disney (and in the United States in general).  No hate mail, please.  It’s just true.

I had occasion to call Disney, because I couldn’t get My Disney Experience account linked to my Disney Vacation Club (DVC) account. I tried several time to get the job done online, but ended up frustrated every time.   I dialed the number for Walt Disney World and was connected to Maxwell.  He was simply marvelous!  Within fifteen minutes I had my accounts connected, and he gave me a thorough explanation on how the new system works.

For DVC members, you make your hotel reservation on the DVC members website.  Once you have your reservation made, everything runs through My Disney Experience.  Maxwell and the folks at Disney made it all easy-peasey.  I was all finished with my phone call in less than 25 minutes.  (The system works nearly the same for non-DVC members.  Once you have your Disney on-property hotel reservation, then you can access everything through your very own My Disney Experience app).

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: My Disney Experience…I LOVE this APP.  I am type-A when it comes to trying to keep all my Disney trip reservations and info in one place.  With this trip, for the first time, I am relaxed because My Disney Experience has it all there for me to check and see at any time.  Leave it to Disney to revolutionize planning!  Way to go, Disney!

Disney’s Magical Advantages!

Day 274 in advancing toward meeting up with Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom.

GAH!!!!  My plan for today was to book our trips to and from Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Orlando International Airport on Disney’s Magical Express.  Can you tell?  I’m just a little excited about that!  All six of us who are going in October (me, my honey Mike, our son Jake, his wife Eliza, our daughter Emi and her husband James) have finally booked our flights.  Once all flights are booked, if you are a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Member (and we are), you can go to the DVC website and book the bus.

Now for those who are not Disneyphiles, Disney’s Magical Express is a free perk that folks staying at Disney resorts are provided.  It is literally a FREE ride to and from the airport.  (Now I know there are skeptics out there saying, “Oh, you’re paying for it.”  And that may be true, but I would stay on property even without this perk, so it feels free to me.  And I appreciate it!)  🙂  And on top of that, we can check our luggage in Chicago, and they will deliver it to our room at Old Key West.  Can you say, “Holy wah!”?  I love it!

So, now we are one step closer to being all ready for our vacation.  I hope to write soon about: Disney Vacation Club (it gets me to my happy place), My Disney Experience (an absolutely fantastic planning app), and  apples (I have a bone to pick with the apples/doctor saying).  Thank for hanging in there with me, my dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I am drinking a cup of Starbuck’s coffee from my Magic Kingdom mug, as I type.  It arrived yesterday!  I LOVE it!  Two of my favorite things in one place–Magic Kingdom and Starbuck’s.  Yahoo!   Ya-le-hoo-lah! Thank you so much, Bro Geno and Sis-in-love Patsy!  And thanks to Regina, niece-in-love extraordinare,for picking up an extra mug, just in case.  🙂  Love you guys!

Scare Me, Mickey!

Day 244 in my hankering for hauntings at the Magic Kingdom when I meet up with Mickey (6 months and 4 days to go)

As I was eating my lentil soup at lunch today, I was checking out Facebook.  I was just about finished eating when I saw a post from Disney Dining that said “Tickets on Sale Today for Hard Ticket Events.”  And below it said, “Tickets on sale today for Mickey’s Fall Events!  GAH!  I quickly swallowed the last of my soup and made a mad dash for my office.  I logged onto My Disney Experience and booked our tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on October 15.

That was not my plan for today to get ready for Walt Disney World in October, but it quickly became my plan!

This trip has always been something to look forward to, but now with my health issues, it has become a finish line of sorts.  When we are there and celebrating being together in the Happiest Place on Earth, I will be beyond the moon!  Woo hoo!

And speaking of health issues, my doctor called with good news for a change.  My thyroid biopsy shows that the nodules on my thyroid are benign.  What a lovely word…benign.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!

MagicBand Mischief

Day 172 in my ruminations on all things Disney as I wait to meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom.  (8 months and 16 days to go!)

I’m so excited to get home today.  When I ordered MagicBands for everyone for Christmas, I was careful to order a different color for each of us.  When I attempted to register our MagicBands on My Disney Experience, the green band would not register.  I called the powers-that-be to find out what to do.  They had me call the Disney Store people to straighten it out.  I was instructed to throw away the unregistered band, as they would send me a new one.  Now, it has arrived.  So today when I get home I will register this last band.  That’s my plan for today.

I do realize that this whole thing has been an exercise in futility, as Old Key West will ship us bands with our names in them, and they are the ones we will use on the trip.  [I found that out when I called Disney.  🙂 ]  However, it can’t hurt to each have a back-up band, right?  And besides its been fun to do a little research on My Disney Experience.

So glad this trip is actually scheduled now and coming up this year!  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I have lost the half pound that I had gained back, and a bit more.  My body has definitely slowed down, and I contribute it to January!  Oh, well,  I will keep on going just the same.

My Disney Experience

Day 163 in my learning how to do this new Disney thing for when I meet up with Mickey in October

Today’s plan was to investigate “My Disney Experience” and that is what I have done.  It is a wonderful site with a plethora of information on all things Disney.  It is an amazing resource for preparing for a trip to the most magical place on earth.  I found out about all sorts of experiences that are new since we’ve been to Florida.  There is something called the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party.  No, seriously…who would not want to try this out?  You watch the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom while sampling desserts and drinks…AND you have a seat to take it all in.  After a day of tromping around the parks, I can’t imagine a better scenario.  🙂

My Disney Experience is a fantastic resource for plotting out a trip to Disney.  You can investigate restaurants, attractions and experiences there.  And since it is a Disney site, the info is current.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I purchased 5-day park hopper passes for everyone in our party as a Christmas gift this year.  After  I purchased them, info started to come out about MagicBands.  So I ordered us each a MagicBand from The Disney Store.  It just seems like such a cool way to access everything: open our door at Old Key West, get into the parks, pay for meals.  It’s just the coolest thing.  I got the bands and went into “My Disney Experience” to register them.  Then I run into trouble with one of the bands.  When I call to get it all straightened out, I am told, “Oh, those will be spare bands.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“You’e staying on property so your MagicBands will automatically be sent to you with your names inside them.  *(pause)*  But, it’s good to have a spare in case one gets lost.”

“Doh!” I think.  Wasted about $60.

Live and learn, my friends, live and learn.

In the Sweet Spot

Day 97 in my exciting adventure toward my date with Mickey

My plan for today was to meet with my Health Coach, and I did.  My two goals for the next four weeks are:

  1. Try out walking at the Lake Bluff Health and Fitness Center sprung track.  It is right on my way home from work, so no excuses to not drop in there.  The sprung track will make walking easier on my sore joints.
  2. Research and adjust my holiday recipes, so they are more nutritious and not so filled with empty calories.

Friendly little facts that are making my life exciting:

  • I always weigh myself before I talk to Alex, my heath coach.  And…tan-ta-ta-a-da…I made my 30 pounds this morning!!!  So exciting! I’m very happy about that.
  • OMGosh…Starbuck’s has a Skinny Peppermint Mocha.  I got one yesterday with decaf.  It might be my favorite treat EVER!
  • Jake & Emi (our kid)s, Eliza and James (their spouses), Mike (my amazing husband) and I are booked into Old Key West for our vacation in October.  I have our 5-day Park Hopper passes in hand.  And they are all connected up on “My Disney Experience.”

So right now, gentle readers, life is very good at the Jarvi household. Meet you the Kingdom!

BTW: Shout out to Chris, my wonderful work partner.  (Prayers coming your way, my friend! )  She fell and broke her wrist yesterday.  If you have a sec, offer up a quick prayer for her today.  Thanks, all y’all!