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Magic Band Magic!

I can hardly believe that there are just 26 days until our Walt Disney World vacation begins! And today our Magic Bands arrived. Me and the grandbabies have purple bands, Emi has red, James has blue, and Mike, Jake and Eliza have gray.

This is a very exciting day! These are our passport around the World. With them we can enter the parks, unlock our room door, and pay for meals and souvenirs. They are so cool!

I chose purple because Disney decorates for Halloween with orange, green, black and purple. It’s a very purple time of the year at Walt Disney World. And if purple doesn’t match my outfit for the day? Too bad! I like purple! I will wear my band proudly. ūüôā

Meet me at the Kingdom.



Magical Mail On Its Way

In just 29 days I will go to Walt Disney World. I’ve been working on this vacation for three years, so I can hardly believe it’s only twenty-nine days away!

Yesterday I received a very exciting email from Disney. My Magic Bands have been shipped! So one day next week I will pick up my mail to discover a lovely, Disney box with eight Magic Bands in it: three purple, three gray, one blue and one red. Be still my heart! Anticipation‚Ķanticipa-ya-tion is making wait‚Ķ Thank you, Carly Simon, for that fantastic song! I’ll make sure to print a photo in my blog when they arrive.

This is getting real now, Folks! Meet me at the Kingdom.


MagicBand Mischief

Day 172 in my ruminations on all things Disney as I wait to meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom.  (8 months and 16 days to go!)

I’m so excited to get home today.¬† When I ordered MagicBands for everyone for Christmas, I was careful to order a different color for each of us.¬† When I attempted to register our MagicBands on My Disney Experience, the green band would not register.¬† I called the powers-that-be to find out what to do.¬† They had me call the Disney Store people to straighten it out.¬† I was instructed to throw away the unregistered band, as they would send me a new one.¬† Now, it has arrived.¬† So today when I get home I will register this last band.¬† That’s my plan for today.

I do realize that this whole thing has been an exercise in futility, as Old Key West will ship us bands with our names in them, and they are the ones we will use on the trip.¬† [I found that out when I called Disney.¬† ūüôā ]¬† However, it can’t hurt to each have a back-up band, right?¬† And besides its been fun to do a little research on My Disney Experience.

So glad this trip is actually scheduled now and coming up this year!  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I have lost the half pound that I had gained back, and a bit more.  My body has definitely slowed down, and I contribute it to January!  Oh, well,  I will keep on going just the same.

Magic Band and Fastpass+

Day 157 in my researching my way to meeting up with Mickey

Today I am going to research Magic Band usage and the Fastpass+ system.¬† It all seems so complicated to me.¬† I will scrutinize the internet for articles on the Magic Band, and I found a wonderful article in WDW Magazine titled “The Perils of FastPass+”, and I plan to read it this evening. Then I want to figure out how to link our Magic Bands to our reservation.¬† I would like to get that done!¬† Then I want to find where I put our Fastpass+ choices and map out a strategy for scheduling them.¬† I know it’s not so important to do them in order.¬† It’s more important to do the busiest ones first.¬† I’ll have to try for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Toy Story Mania, and Kilimanjaro Safari as soon as I possibly can, because they go so quickly.

So that’s on the docket for today.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Magic Band Mayhem

Day 40 in my dance toward Mickey

Forty days, wow!¬† I can hardly believe it’s been 40 days/posts already!¬†¬†To¬†celebrate, I did something fun today.¬† My plan for today was to research the Magic Band.¬† This is the latest thing in Disney¬†World.¬†When you make your reservation to stay on property,¬†each person in your reservation¬†gets a¬†Magic Band.¬† You wear it on your wrist like a watch.¬† Then when you hold it up to certain things, magic happens.¬† Here’s what it does:

  1. Unlocks the door of your Disney Resort hotel room
  2. Let’s you enter Disney Theme Parks
  3. Checks you in at FastPass+ entrances
  4. Charges food and merchandise purchases to your Disney Resort hotel room.

And you can:

  1. Choose your color (pink, blue, red, green, orange, gray, yellow)
  2. Accessorize it with MagicSliders, MagicBandits, CoverBands  (I have to research this a little more)
  3. Seek specialty bands (like Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary-Halloween bands)
  4. Attach it to Memory Maker, so any photos taken at the parks are linked to it.

How cool is that?¬† Now I have to figure out how to make our 3 FastPass+ selections for each day we are there.¬† And all six of us won’t necessarily want to do the same rides/parades/fireworks/meals, so how does that work?¬† There is still much to discover.¬† I will keep reading up on it all.

Thank you to Disney Vacation Tips on Pinterest and Facebook for the info shared above.

Meet you at the Kingdom!