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Carrying On

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope this post finds you healthy and at peace.

In just 5 days I will call Disney and schedule our next trip to Walt Disney World. We hope to go on October 20 of next year. Because we are Disney Vacation Club members, we can call and book our home resort, Old Key West, 11 months in advance. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we will have 8 nights and 9 days at Disney: Mike, Emi, James, Ida, Jake, Eliza, Baby Jarvi and me.

This time it won’t be so much about time in the parks, although we will have tickets for 5 days. This time it will be all about the babies. Ida will be 2 & 1/2 and Baby Jarvi will be 8 months old. Dumbo, Prince Charming Carousel, Meeting Mickey, It’s a Small World and splashing in the water fountains will be the focus of our days. Probably just a few hours in the parks and then time at Old Key West.

I take none of this for granted. I know that if we are all there it will truly be a gift from God. I am doing my part to be there. As of this morning, I am 54.4 pounds down since May. I am learning how to eat as a diabetic. Now I just need to start moving more. Please pray that I can and do move more.

May God bless and keep you, dear Readers. Meet you at the Kingdom.



Being Accountable

The thing that bothers me about blogs, is that they seem so narcissistic. “This is me. This is what I know. This is what I do. Me, me, me, me, me….blah! I think of that each time I make an entry here. Even I get tired of reading about me, thinking about me, examining me. I am not writing this blog because I NEED an audience. I am writing this blog to keep myself accountable for the choices I am making everyday. Will I really move more? Will I really take control of the portions that I eat? Will I really make better food choices to actually feed my body and not just stuff myself with empty calories? Will I really test my blood glucose every day.  So this is my way of being accountable.

In that vein, let me share that I am having a very good day. Two meals consumed so far, nutritious and appropriately proportioned. Activity? I vacuumed the living room, changed the 4 ink cartridges in the printer, bagged some clothes to give away, worked the cat litter (Ugh!) and I plan to do some laundry today.

Now, why is this still called a Disney blog? Because it is a wonderful motivation for me. We had planned to go and spend four days at Disneyland Paris in the fall of 2018; however for our same amount of DVC (Disney Vacation Club) points, we can spend 8 nights in a Grand Villa at Walt Disney World in Florida. I want to be able to enjoy that time as much as possible. Watching my first grandchild (Ida, sweetest and smartest baby girl!) discover all things Mickey is a very exciting prospect! And sharing that time with the family? The best! I will use some visualization of that reunion when things get tough; it will help me to carry on. It may sound ridiculous, but Old Key West is my “laughing place.” (“Everybody has a laughing place, a laughing place to go-ho-ho.” From the movie Song of the South. Hmmm… no wonder I like Splash Mountain so much.) When I finally get there, I exhale and truly relax.

My latest Disney discovery is a book titled, “the easy guide to your Walt Disney World visit.” I really like it because it is snippets of info, rather than long tomes and epic-sized missives. In the Twitter universe where we want our info fast and short, I find this book very appealing. I highly recommend it; check it out.

Enough for today. Love and peace to you dear readers with prayers for our great country and the world.


January 7, 2017

Confession time: I have not been cleaning my house. There, I said it.  Cleaning is bloody hard work, and I have not had the energy to do it nearly often enough. I try to get Molly Maids in once a month to get the floors cleaned, most things dusted, kitchen cleaned and bathroom cleaned. But it’s been Christmastime and the money just hasn’t been there. So in an effort to be more active, yesterday I cleaned my toilet, tub and bathroom sink. And today I vacuumed through the house. I have heard that one should clean from the top down. We have a comfy Cape Cod house, so I started upstairs: two bedrooms, the bathroom, the landing.

Next, I vacuumed the stairs. I just hate that job! But with my relatively new and lightly used Shark vacuum it is so much easier.  I bought myself the Shark a year ago for Christmas, and I’ve probably used it less than a dozen times since then. I LOVE my Shark! (Thanks for telling Mike how much you liked using one, sister-in-love Julie!)

Finally, I vacuumed the downstairs: kitchen, entryway and living room.We took Christmas down yesterday, so it was a good day to clean up the living room. (I’m a little sad about not having the pretty colored lights in the living room for eleven months. Can’t help it…December birthday…I like sparkly, colorful things.)

I am a sweaty, tired mess. My back is sore, my knees are aching, but I’m still smiling from ear to ear. It feels good to have aches and pains from activity instead of from inactivity. It just feels so satisfying.

I hope this “dirty” post doesn’t gross you out, Dear Readers. My year of slug-like living, post-retirement is over. It feels good to be getting engaged in life again. 🙂

Thank you for reading, and God bless you!

BTW: I worked on my book for three hours on Thursday. It was so fun and frustrating at the same time. More to come next week. And next week I hope to contact Disney Vacation Club (DVC) and ask some questions about using our points to go to Disneyland Paris next year. I get so excited thinking about it that my stomach gets queasy.  🙂

Disney Customer Service

Day 278 on my Disney musings as I make my way to Mickey Mouse

I have to take time to pay homage to Disney Customer Service.  You don’t have to travel to many countries as a tourist, before you realize just how good customer service is at Disney (and in the United States in general).  No hate mail, please.  It’s just true.

I had occasion to call Disney, because I couldn’t get My Disney Experience account linked to my Disney Vacation Club (DVC) account. I tried several time to get the job done online, but ended up frustrated every time.   I dialed the number for Walt Disney World and was connected to Maxwell.  He was simply marvelous!  Within fifteen minutes I had my accounts connected, and he gave me a thorough explanation on how the new system works.

For DVC members, you make your hotel reservation on the DVC members website.  Once you have your reservation made, everything runs through My Disney Experience.  Maxwell and the folks at Disney made it all easy-peasey.  I was all finished with my phone call in less than 25 minutes.  (The system works nearly the same for non-DVC members.  Once you have your Disney on-property hotel reservation, then you can access everything through your very own My Disney Experience app).

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: My Disney Experience…I LOVE this APP.  I am type-A when it comes to trying to keep all my Disney trip reservations and info in one place.  With this trip, for the first time, I am relaxed because My Disney Experience has it all there for me to check and see at any time.  Leave it to Disney to revolutionize planning!  Way to go, Disney!

Disney Vacation Club…Yippee!

Day 277 in my ruminating on Disney Vacation Club and my pal Mickey

Whew!  I am so grateful for modern medicine and antibiotics in particular.  Though I still have a UTI, the pain has abated considerably.  Praise God!  I am tired from a poor night’s sleep, but I am back on the road to recovery.

Today’s plan is to share about Disney Vacation Club.  Their tagline used to be “Disney’s Best Kept Secret.”  Here is what Disny has to say about it: ”

Discover a World of Choices-When you become a Member by purchasing a real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club Resort represented by an annual allotment of Vacation Points, you can enjoy flexibility, choice and savings when it comes to your future Disney vacations. Flexibility and Choice – Enjoy the freedom to choose when, where and how often to vacation at any of the 12 uniquely themed Disney Vacation Club Resorts—or explore thousands of other vacation options in destinations around the world…Savings – Stretch your vacation dollars by locking in decades of future stays at Disney Vacation Club Resorts at today’s purchase price. You can save up to 50% on future Disney Vacation Club Resort accommodations. Membership can pay for itself after just 6 to 11 years…compared to the cost of a non-Member renting accommodations at rack rate at most Disney Vacation Club Resorts. Imagine taking your dream vacation—a romantic honeymoon in Hawai’i, a fun-filled adventure with the family at Walt Disney World Resort or a retirement celebration in Europe. With Disney Vacation Club, dreaming is only the beginning—you can collect a lifetime of magical memories, year after year.  All accommodations are subject to availability.”

Wah, right?  I was so-o-o sold.  My beautifully conservative husband took awhile to get on board.  But looking back, he is a big fan!  We only have 150 points…for 40 years.  With those points we (Mike, Me the kids, their spouses (and future kid-lings) go to Walt Disney World  every three to five years, depending on if Mike and I want any side trips along the way.  We have used our points in Chicago, New York, Hilton Head, Anaheim, London, Paris (PARIS!) and Orlando over the years.  We have been able to vacation when otherwise we would not have been able to afford it.  Disney Vacation Club (DVC) has definitely “opened a world of possibilities” to us and we love it!  It has been an investment in our family.  We so look forward to being together on vacation: relaxing, park hopping, dining, and smiling in each other’s faces.  Sheer bliss.

Yes, it is costly.  But you can purchase as little as 100 points and work with it.  Or you can purchase as many points as are available.  When we first bought in, we purchased 230 points.  It was great because we could bring extended family along: my parents, my aunt, Mike’s mom, Mike’s brother and family, two of Mike’s nieces, two of my brothers and their wives, two of my nieces, plus one of those niece’s husband and two boys.  (These were not all at the same time, of course.) When times got tough and we were struggling financially, we sold our points…I cried for a week.  When things turned around, we bought back in (100 points).  It wasn’t quite enough to do what we wanted to do so we made two additional purchases of 25 points each.  All our points are at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. When we arrive there and hear the words, “Welcome, home!” I exhale, and the stress starts to leave my body.  I can hardly wait until October!!

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: If you think about purchasing DVC and want to save a few bucks, ask about availability at sold out resorts, rather than the newest ones.  If folks have sold their points back, you may be able to purchase them.  🙂

Disney’s Magical Advantages!

Day 274 in advancing toward meeting up with Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom.

GAH!!!!  My plan for today was to book our trips to and from Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Orlando International Airport on Disney’s Magical Express.  Can you tell?  I’m just a little excited about that!  All six of us who are going in October (me, my honey Mike, our son Jake, his wife Eliza, our daughter Emi and her husband James) have finally booked our flights.  Once all flights are booked, if you are a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Member (and we are), you can go to the DVC website and book the bus.

Now for those who are not Disneyphiles, Disney’s Magical Express is a free perk that folks staying at Disney resorts are provided.  It is literally a FREE ride to and from the airport.  (Now I know there are skeptics out there saying, “Oh, you’re paying for it.”  And that may be true, but I would stay on property even without this perk, so it feels free to me.  And I appreciate it!)  🙂  And on top of that, we can check our luggage in Chicago, and they will deliver it to our room at Old Key West.  Can you say, “Holy wah!”?  I love it!

So, now we are one step closer to being all ready for our vacation.  I hope to write soon about: Disney Vacation Club (it gets me to my happy place), My Disney Experience (an absolutely fantastic planning app), and  apples (I have a bone to pick with the apples/doctor saying).  Thank for hanging in there with me, my dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I am drinking a cup of Starbuck’s coffee from my Magic Kingdom mug, as I type.  It arrived yesterday!  I LOVE it!  Two of my favorite things in one place–Magic Kingdom and Starbuck’s.  Yahoo!   Ya-le-hoo-lah! Thank you so much, Bro Geno and Sis-in-love Patsy!  And thanks to Regina, niece-in-love extraordinare,for picking up an extra mug, just in case.  🙂  Love you guys!