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Dining Changes

Just 69 days until our trip to Walt Disney World. Woo hoo! By the time we go, it will have been three years for me, Mike, Jake and Eliza. It will have been six years for Emi and James. And this will be the first time for Ida and Elinor. We’ll have to get them their free “First Time Visitor” buttons¬† when we get there. ūüôā

Today I made a few dining changes to our schedule. It turns out that Minnie’s Halloween Dine is happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios while we’re there. According to the Disney website: “Visit Minnie‚Äôs favorite happy haunt for a spooktacular Halloween feast that‚Äôs frightfully delightful.” Minnie Mouse just happens to be one of Ida’s favorites, so I booked us in and canceled our reservation at Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano. Then since we have more than enough character dining experiences, I canceled our Donald’s Safari Buffet at Tusker House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In its place I booked us in at Yak & Yeti Restaurant. (They have an amazing Mango Pie with shortbread cookie crust, whipped topping and raspberry sauce. And I hear delicious things about their Fried Wontons, which are skewers of fresh pineapple and cream cheese wontons, vanilla ice cream with honey-vanilla drizzle.) Yum!

I haven’t been eating sugar, so I am looking forward to a few sugary treats when we are on vacation. But we tend to order just two desserts and six forks/spoons. Just a taste is plenty and so satisfying when you’ve been sugar-free. My weight is back to just below my lowest point since my stroke. Now to just keep eating well and taking my daily walks.

Meet you at the Kingdom!




My Disney Experience

Day 163 in my learning how to do this new Disney thing for when I meet up with Mickey in October

Today’s plan was to investigate “My Disney Experience” and that is what I have done. ¬†It is a wonderful site with a plethora of information on all things Disney. ¬†It is an amazing resource for preparing for a trip to the most magical place on earth. ¬†I found out about all sorts of experiences that are new since we’ve been to Florida. ¬†There is something called the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party. ¬†No, seriously…who would not want to try this out? ¬†You watch the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom while sampling desserts and drinks…AND you have a seat to take it all in. ¬†After a day of tromping around the parks, I can’t imagine a better scenario. ¬†ūüôā

My Disney Experience is a fantastic resource for plotting out a trip to Disney.  You can investigate restaurants, attractions and experiences there.  And since it is a Disney site, the info is current.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I purchased 5-day park hopper passes for everyone in our party as a Christmas gift this year. ¬†After ¬†I purchased them, info started to come out about MagicBands. ¬†So I ordered us each a MagicBand from The Disney Store. ¬†It just seems like such a cool way to access everything: open our door at Old Key West, get into the parks, pay for meals. ¬†It’s just the coolest thing. ¬†I got the bands and went into “My Disney Experience” to register them. ¬†Then I run into trouble with one of the bands. ¬†When I call to get it all straightened out, I am told, “Oh, those will be spare bands.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“You’e staying on property so your MagicBands will automatically be sent to you with your names inside them. ¬†*(pause)* ¬†But, it’s good to have a spare in case one gets lost.”

“Doh!” I think. ¬†Wasted about $60.

Live and learn, my friends, live and learn.