MagicBand Mischief

Day 172 in my ruminations on all things Disney as I wait to meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom.  (8 months and 16 days to go!)

I’m so excited to get home today.  When I ordered MagicBands for everyone for Christmas, I was careful to order a different color for each of us.  When I attempted to register our MagicBands on My Disney Experience, the green band would not register.  I called the powers-that-be to find out what to do.  They had me call the Disney Store people to straighten it out.  I was instructed to throw away the unregistered band, as they would send me a new one.  Now, it has arrived.  So today when I get home I will register this last band.  That’s my plan for today.

I do realize that this whole thing has been an exercise in futility, as Old Key West will ship us bands with our names in them, and they are the ones we will use on the trip.  [I found that out when I called Disney.  🙂 ]  However, it can’t hurt to each have a back-up band, right?  And besides its been fun to do a little research on My Disney Experience.

So glad this trip is actually scheduled now and coming up this year!  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I have lost the half pound that I had gained back, and a bit more.  My body has definitely slowed down, and I contribute it to January!  Oh, well,  I will keep on going just the same.


4 thoughts on “MagicBand Mischief”

  1. We got the magic bands,in April and it works great.It is way better than carring the tickets around all day long! Hope the magic bands will work for you.When you go on your trip to Disney ,you could get this disney thing to put on your magic band and get one each time you go to Disney.


  2. Hi Donna!

    Have really enjoyed reading about your preparations for Disney! I adore Disney and I loved visiting the parks – very excited for you to go and experience the magic too 🙂

    I saw that one of your goals between now and your holiday is to live healthy (and happy!) and I thought I would share something with you. If you have a smart phone, there are lots of different apps that you can run whilst you are walking throughout the day, that measure the distance, route, average speed, etc. you have achieved and then allows you to share your stats with your friends through WhatsApp or Facebook – or I guess a blog post!

    My mum loves using the app and she says that being able to record what you’ve accomplished and keep your followers (in her case – me and my Dad!) up to date with your progress gives you the inspiration and motivation to slip those walking boots on and get cracking! Just a thought 🙂

    Wishing you well with your journey!
    Looking forward to the next post,


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