Disney Customer Service

Day 278 on my Disney musings as I make my way to Mickey Mouse

I have to take time to pay homage to Disney Customer Service.  You don’t have to travel to many countries as a tourist, before you realize just how good customer service is at Disney (and in the United States in general).  No hate mail, please.  It’s just true.

I had occasion to call Disney, because I couldn’t get My Disney Experience account linked to my Disney Vacation Club (DVC) account. I tried several time to get the job done online, but ended up frustrated every time.   I dialed the number for Walt Disney World and was connected to Maxwell.  He was simply marvelous!  Within fifteen minutes I had my accounts connected, and he gave me a thorough explanation on how the new system works.

For DVC members, you make your hotel reservation on the DVC members website.  Once you have your reservation made, everything runs through My Disney Experience.  Maxwell and the folks at Disney made it all easy-peasey.  I was all finished with my phone call in less than 25 minutes.  (The system works nearly the same for non-DVC members.  Once you have your Disney on-property hotel reservation, then you can access everything through your very own My Disney Experience app).

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: My Disney Experience…I LOVE this APP.  I am type-A when it comes to trying to keep all my Disney trip reservations and info in one place.  With this trip, for the first time, I am relaxed because My Disney Experience has it all there for me to check and see at any time.  Leave it to Disney to revolutionize planning!  Way to go, Disney!


2 thoughts on “Disney Customer Service”

  1. I agree totally!
    Our last trip because of some relatively small inconveniences we were given: a one time use Fast Pass for all 5 of us on any ride/attraction at any park, free dessert and appetizers at Planet Hollywood, and $150.00 credit at our home resort ( which could be used for any expense or cash back at the end of our stay! )
    The reasons were, a delay of about 25
    mins in seating for a dinner reservation, a botched order , and difficulty in syncing our Magic Bands to our room. All tolled, maybe for 80 minutes of delay! Not bad Disney. Walt would be proud. 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear your adventures….

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