Walking, Eating and Living Life to the Fullest

Day 412 in celebrating on my way to see Mickey (18 days to go)

This morning’s jams as I took my early walk were: Kiss Me by Six Pence None the Richer and Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.  I made it a little farther than yesterday, but I am really feeling it now.  My legs are like, “What are you thinking?!?”  But it’s a good sore, a progress-being-made kind of sore.

Tonight I attend the Women of Faith Conference (named Loved) in Hoffman Estates, Illinois with my bestie from Michigan and my bestie from Illinois.  Yay!  Jean and Joan in the same room praising the Lord with me; it doesn’t get any better that that!  We will hear Sandy Patty, Sheila Walsh and Sarah Jakes Roberts tonight and many more tomorrow.  Man, oh, man, I am juiced up…with excitement (and a little bit of caffeine).  🙂

We three girls are having a pajama party at the Hampton Inn tonight.  That way we save about two hours of driving.  We’ll go down early, check in to our room, grab some dinner (I hope to find a dinner salad) and head to Sears Centre for renewal and uplifting praise!  Woo hoo!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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