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Slogging Onward

Day 194 in my trudging toward Mickey

My plan for today is again…taking care of business.  Three days later, I am still getting my taxes together.  Two days later, I am still fighting a dodgy stomach.  And I still have more laundry to do.  Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping, (or in the bathroom), between watching The Discovery Channel’s Disney programming.  If I am struggling to get anything done when I’m on a “stay-cation,” then how do I get things done during a work week?  Argh!

So I’m a little frustrated today, and I am hoping tomorrow is more productive.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

TV Research

Day 193 in my trek toward Mickey

Today’s plan was decided for me.  There were several hours of programs on TV about Walt Disney World and Disneyland to day.  I consider it research for ideas for our trip in October.  I had some other things planned for today, but after dinner last night I became ill.  My stomach is upset.  So today is a good day to be home, watch The Discovery Channel’s Disney programs, and eat very carefully.

Meet you at the Kingdom!