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Luck o’ the Irish

Day 17 on my way to Disney World.

I LOVE Irish and English pub grub.  Bangers and Mash, Cottage Pie, Full Irish/English breakfast.  We’ve just found out that our favorite local Irish pub is closing.  😦  Bridie McKenna, you will be missed!  So tonight we will go there to dine one last time.  But tonight will be different.

Here’s today’s plan: When we go out to eat tonight, I  will order either the slow-roasted Atlantic salmon, OR the grilled chicken OR a salad.  I will stay away from the more fried or deep fried choices on the menu.  I can do that.  Maybe not everyday, but today, I can do that.

My arms are a bit tired today, but I worked them hard yesterday.  Tai Chi and Shake Weight.  It was worth the effort though.  And I’m two and half weeks sugar-free.  Yippee!!

Thank you for reading.  Meet you at the Kingdom.  (Can’t wait to see you, Mickey!)

Queen for a Day

Day 16 on my trek to Mickey.

I want to thank you, kind readers, for the outpouring of love yesterday.  I didn’t mean for yesterday’s post to be a “woe is me” entry.  I see it as a positive to be able to look into myself and work through the issues that have added to my present condition.  I can then work through those issues, and come out on the other side healthier both in body and mind.

Here’s today plan: I will do 20+ minutes of Tai Chi today, plus 6 minutes of Shake Weight.  I’m going to work my arms today.  The Tai Chi will warm up my still sore muscles (from the Grunt Work-see 3 blogs ago) and the Shake Weight will give my arms a good workout.  (Tee hee.  The motion of the Shake Weight still makes me giggle.)

AND I am getting all fired up by watching The Travel Channel’s shows on Disney World today.  Oh, yeah…I am so going to ride the “Seven Dwarves Mine Train!”   And I want to dine at the Be Our Guest Restaurant.

I am still sugar-free, and I was given a crown as sugar-free queen last night.  It feels great!  Thank you Jake and Eliza for that special treat.  I’m going to wear my crown as I work out today.  🙂

Love and blessings to you, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom.

True Confession

Day 15 as I dance toward Disney World.

True confessions day.  

I once attended a one day retreat at Chicago’s Botanic Garden.  At one point we were instructed to find a place of solitude, and work our way through a set of questions as we meditated.  One question resonated with me.  “What kind of a tree are you?”  Shades of Barbara Walter, right?  As I contemplated this question in quiet serenity surrounded by beautiful nature, the answer came to me.  I am an English Oak.  Not tall, like our American Oak trees, but sturdy, solid, capable of holding heavy burdens.  Strong, upright, with significant mass.  I cried a bit as I thought that this is what God has called me to be.  Solid, strong, able to share others burdens.  And it was an affirmation that God created me for purpose and that I have self-worth.  When we regrouped to discuss our responses to the questions, I shared my thoughts.  Around me everyone looked confused.  The question that I had read and reread and reread again, was NOT in the booklet.  A mini-miracle when God met me where I needed him.    

I do not and have not ever loved myself.  I don’t know why.  There is a deep seeded self-loathing, that God is only just revealing to me. I have no single traumatic event to attribute it to.  However, I believe this is why I have attempted to create this layer of protection on my body.  It has led to my isolating myself often, and this creates a false sense of safety and security.

So here’s the plan: I will go to church and pray for the Lord to teach me to love my self.  He tells us to love our neighbor as ourself, but if I don’t love myself, then how can I truly love my neighbor?  Scripture also tells us that our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit.  I have been a deadbeat landlord of my temple.  Now I want to take better care of this body.

Kinda heavy today, but as I make this journey I pray to uncover the issues that have added to the problem.

Looking forward to partying at the Kingdom.  Meet you there.

Making Plans for Nutritious Meals

Day 14 of getting ready for Mickey

Wow!  Two weeks in already.  Last night Mike and I brought all the equipment back into the church and set it up.  Holy wah!  What a huge task!  Platforms and cords first, then chairs, then all the gear.  It took us two and a half hours.  I prayed for strength before we went, and, thank you, Jesus, I was able to do quite bit.  It was empowering.  For a change, I did not hide from the physical work.  I dove right in and survived!  Halle-J-Lujah!

When I meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom, I want to feel my best.  Nourished and healthy.  So here’s today’s plan:

  1. I will research 3 new healthy recipes online.  (skinnytase.com and ifoodreal.com here I come)  🙂  
  2. I will plan my menu for the week.
  3. I will make up a shopping list for needed ingredients.

I am also visualizing:

  1. I’m climbing into a boat on “It’s a Small World.” Then I’m singing along to that wonderful song ’til the end of the ride.  🙂
  2. I’m flying over London on “Peter Pan’s Fight.”
  3. I’m careening down a mountain on “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.”
  4. I’m in the final free fall on “Splash Mountain.”
  5. Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, a pirate’s life for me…  “Pirates of the Caribbean” is next.

There’s a huge grin on my face right now.  🙂

Thanks for reading.  Meet you at the Kingdom.


Starting to Mo-o-ove

Day 6 in the quest to walk with Mickey.  OK, here’s what I want to do in October 2015:

  1. Get into and out of the rides at Disney with no fear.  It’s a Small World is my favorite ride in Disney World; it was my dad’s, too.  You’re thinking, “No sweat,” right?  But it is very low, and my knees and legs are currently very big.
  2. Walk from the bus stop at Epcot to Spaceship Earth without needing a wheelchair or oxygen.  🙂
  3. Walk from our villa to the board walk at Old Key West without a cane, and without constantly looking for a place to sit down.
  4. Ride one roller coaster that I’ve never ridden before, maybe Rockin’ Roller Coaster.
  5. And more…

So here’s today’s plan: Today I am going to move more.  Every hour, I am going to stand up and walk or complete a task while standing.

I have been extremely sedentary for the last year, especially.  And I know why.  My mom died a year ago and the day we got back from her funeral, Mike received his diagnosis of prostate cancer.  I spiraled into a deep depression, that has only recently lifted and released me from its grasp.  Thank you, Jesus!  Now I have a renewed energy for life and would like to finish strong.  So with the help of the aforementioned Jesus and my inborn sisu and your support, I will move more today.

Still sugar-free.  The correct title of the book that I mentioned yesterday is “Trim Healthy Mama.”  Had a great talk with my health coach yesterday.  I’ll say more about that later.

Love and blessings to you, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom.

PS: Title reference:  I rock like a cow, when I go to get up from a sitting position.  🙂  Ya gotta laugh, right?