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Day 69 in my journey to join Mickey at The Magic Kingdom  (Why do I find myself thinking about using the “Shake Weight” today?  🙂  I know…I’m nasty!)

Dear readers, I’m so excited today!  I stepped on the scale to see how much ground I had lost (as in how much weight I had gained) on our trip to the UP.  You know, eating out a lot, lots of salty food with higher fat content than what I eat in my controlled environment.  I just wanted to see what the damage was, so I could have a realistic idea of where I am.  Surprise of surprises, I’ve lost another 3.4 pounds!  So now I’m down 22.2 pounds from the start!  Woot!  Woot!  (Cue Disco music)

So today my plan was to do a half hour of “Lean Body Workout.”  But instead I went grocery shopping.  I did the BIG shop all by myself.  I was on my feet walking around the store for an hour.  My knees locked up, because they are not used to me standing for that long anymore.  I was sweaty and smelly and gross.  But still, dear readers, I did it!!  Our cupboards are no longer bare.  And tonight I will make “Surprise Package Casserole.”  It’s one of my favorites from “Recipes to Lower Your Fat Thermostat.”

I feel absolutely exhilarated!  Good food, a good physical challenge and I’m on my second cup of coffee today from my new Keurig.  Life is good, my friends!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


Disney Vacation Club Fun

Day 32 in my quest to meet up with Mickey

Today is a sopping wet, gray day here in Lake Bluff.  We are promised severe thunder storms later on today.  It’s a morning that has spawned tornadoes and flooding throughout the Midwest.

If I had my way, my plan for today would be to read and nap the day away.  However, I don’t see how that would get me ready for our Walt Disney World trip in October 2015.  So, here’s my plan: to try to reverse some of the negative energy that is pressing on me today, I will do Tai Chi after work.  Then to work my arms a bit extra, I will do my Shake Weight.  (tee hee: see previous blog entries about Shake Weight)

We are members of the Disney Vacation Club, and we love, love, love it!!  Old Key West has become our home away from home.  With 150 points Mike and I and the kids/spouses can go to Florida every three years and stay in a three bedroom Grand Villa in the heart of Walt Disney World for over a week.  Woo hoo!  I thought it was 7 nights, but I realized yesterday in looking more closely at our points that even though we used a few points this year, we can still stay for 8 nights/9days when we go.  I am so-o-o jacked!!

And so it goes, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Luck o’ the Irish

Day 17 on my way to Disney World.

I LOVE Irish and English pub grub.  Bangers and Mash, Cottage Pie, Full Irish/English breakfast.  We’ve just found out that our favorite local Irish pub is closing.  😦  Bridie McKenna, you will be missed!  So tonight we will go there to dine one last time.  But tonight will be different.

Here’s today’s plan: When we go out to eat tonight, I  will order either the slow-roasted Atlantic salmon, OR the grilled chicken OR a salad.  I will stay away from the more fried or deep fried choices on the menu.  I can do that.  Maybe not everyday, but today, I can do that.

My arms are a bit tired today, but I worked them hard yesterday.  Tai Chi and Shake Weight.  It was worth the effort though.  And I’m two and half weeks sugar-free.  Yippee!!

Thank you for reading.  Meet you at the Kingdom.  (Can’t wait to see you, Mickey!)

Queen for a Day

Day 16 on my trek to Mickey.

I want to thank you, kind readers, for the outpouring of love yesterday.  I didn’t mean for yesterday’s post to be a “woe is me” entry.  I see it as a positive to be able to look into myself and work through the issues that have added to my present condition.  I can then work through those issues, and come out on the other side healthier both in body and mind.

Here’s today plan: I will do 20+ minutes of Tai Chi today, plus 6 minutes of Shake Weight.  I’m going to work my arms today.  The Tai Chi will warm up my still sore muscles (from the Grunt Work-see 3 blogs ago) and the Shake Weight will give my arms a good workout.  (Tee hee.  The motion of the Shake Weight still makes me giggle.)

AND I am getting all fired up by watching The Travel Channel’s shows on Disney World today.  Oh, yeah…I am so going to ride the “Seven Dwarves Mine Train!”   And I want to dine at the Be Our Guest Restaurant.

I am still sugar-free, and I was given a crown as sugar-free queen last night.  It feels great!  Thank you Jake and Eliza for that special treat.  I’m going to wear my crown as I work out today.  🙂

Love and blessings to you, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom.