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Dr. Yoo Who?

Day 44 in my trek to meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom

Today’s plan is phase three in my quest to be healthier when I meet up with the Mouse.  I went for my yearly physical this morning.  (So early…I do not usually rise before 7-something o’clock, but today was 5-something o’clock.  Argh!)  I wanted to check and make sure that it’s OK to ramp up on the exercise portion of my plan.  She (Dr. Sandra Yoo) assures me that even though I am out of breath when I move, it’s OK as long as I don’t experience any chest pain.  So far, so good.  No chest pain here.  So now I need to start walking on a more regular basis.  Baby steps, to be sure, but it was great to get the green light from my doc.

Mike teamed up with me yesterday.  I wanted to take a sauna, so I started out walking toward the farm.  He waited 10+ minutes then he drove up, picked me up where I was, and we went and sweated it out in the sauna.  He’s such a great support person!  I really appreciate him and am thankful for him every day!

Nothing more for today, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!



Day 43 in my charge to meet Mickey

Confession time again.  There’s just something about Sunday’s that bring out the confessions.  Hmmm…  I did pull off yesterday’s three phase plan and even added some extra minutes on my feet at Walgreens.  It felt good.  However, what I wanted to do yesterday was to go and work at the AJ Katzenmaier Back to School Carnival in North Chicago.  St. James pairs with some other churches to bring some support to the staff and kids at a school in North Chicago, which is an economically challenged town.  I was determined to go and work the carnival this year.  But when it came time to go and do it, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stand up long enough to be of any help.  Sad, but true.  My fear stopped me.  That makes me downright angry!  I let my fear stop me.  NO MORE.  The next time I want to try to do something, dang it, I’m going for it!  If I run out of steam in the middle of something, then that’s just too bad.  I’ll stand there and sweat and pant until I recover, and then I’ll keep on keeping on.  I’m done being afraid.  The bible says, “Perfect love casts out all fear.”  I know Him.  I know that perfect love, and I claim it right now in my life.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Now today’s plan: I planned my weekly menu and went and shopped for the ingredients.  BTW: Have you seen the Roasted Cauliflower recipe going around on Facebook?  It looks amazing!  That is definitely in my future.  Emi, let’s try it when you’re here, OK?  And I might try to squeeze in a little walk today, just to get out there and   breathe some fresh air.  (20 minutes a day walking in the sun for vitamin D, right Wayno?)

Love to you all, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


It Takes a Village

Day 42 in my quest to be my best for Mickey

Today’s plan contains a few things:

  1. Mike eats seeds everyday.  They are his favorite snack, and he is nearly out of sunflower seeds.  So step one for today is to travel to Walgreens and shop for Mike’s seeds.  However, instead of running in and running out like I usually do, I will stay and walk and browse for at least 20 minutes.  That way I’ll get some steps in for me and my handy-dandy Fitbit.  And I will mo-o-o-ove some.  🙂
  2. We are singing with our besties, the Carlsons, the next time we visit the UP.  So step two for today is going into the basement and putting on a full-court-press to find a song, “Come, Let Us Reason.”  This means more time on my tootsies, and I’ll walk the stairs a few extra times today.  Plus there will be stretching and bending as I search.
  3. My dear daughter-in-law picked up a book from the library for me to see.  It’s titled, “I Quit Sugar” by Sarah Wilson.  So my third step for today will be to come home and looking through this book.  There are 108 sugar-free recipes in it, so I will look for some new ideas to try.

There you are, dear readers.  A threefold plan today.  As you can see it takes a village for my plan today.  Thank you Mike, Wayne, Jean and Eliza for getting me up, moving and planning today.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: 42 days ago I would not have had the energy to pull off this three step plan.  I’m definitely noticing the difference that the nutritious food and the more mo-o-o-oving are making.  🙂  PTL!

“Eye” Strive for Better Health

Day 41 in my march toward Mickey

Yesterday was a much better day energy-wise than the day before.  It was such a lovely day that I took a walk at Crab Tree Farm after work.  I was so glad to have the blue sky, the gentle breeze and the 60+ degree temperature to walk in.  I listened to some songs from Frozen while I walked.  Let it go; let it go…   It was only a 13 minute walk, but it was a walk rather than a slump into my recliner.  🙂

Today’s plan is phase two in taking care of my health.  I will go  and have an eye exam today.  Since I am pre-diabetic, my doctor wants me to have an eye exam every year to make sure there are no diabetes related issues.

And I might just go for another walk when I get home.  Stay tuned to this blog for further developments.  And thank you so much for reading, dear friends!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Day 38 in walking toward Mickey

To quote Mr. Rogers, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor.  Would you be mine?  Could you be mine?”  The sun is shining today in Lake Bluff, and we’ll hit the low-60s, temperature-wise.  So…here’s my plan for today: I will take a walk after work.  I think I’ll stop in beautiful downtown Lake Bluff  and walk those pretty streets again.  I will aim for a 20 minute walk.  Still not an easy thing for me!

I’ll try to imagine myself strolling up Main Street USA toward beautiful Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom.  That should put a spring in my step, and a smile on my face.  I need to work on really embracing walking, instead of trudging through it.  A walk is good, instead of evil, right?   🙂  I need to do some serious praying about getting some help to love exercise, because right now it’s still on par with Chinese water torture, for me.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”     Philippians 4:13 NKJV  Help me, Jesus!

Meet you at the Kingdom!