“Eye” Strive for Better Health

Day 41 in my march toward Mickey

Yesterday was a much better day energy-wise than the day before.  It was such a lovely day that I took a walk at Crab Tree Farm after work.  I was so glad to have the blue sky, the gentle breeze and the 60+ degree temperature to walk in.  I listened to some songs from Frozen while I walked.  Let it go; let it go…   It was only a 13 minute walk, but it was a walk rather than a slump into my recliner.  🙂

Today’s plan is phase two in taking care of my health.  I will go  and have an eye exam today.  Since I am pre-diabetic, my doctor wants me to have an eye exam every year to make sure there are no diabetes related issues.

And I might just go for another walk when I get home.  Stay tuned to this blog for further developments.  And thank you so much for reading, dear friends!

Meet you at the Kingdom!



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