Dr. Yoo Who?

Day 44 in my trek to meet Mickey at the Magic Kingdom

Today’s plan is phase three in my quest to be healthier when I meet up with the Mouse.  I went for my yearly physical this morning.  (So early…I do not usually rise before 7-something o’clock, but today was 5-something o’clock.  Argh!)  I wanted to check and make sure that it’s OK to ramp up on the exercise portion of my plan.  She (Dr. Sandra Yoo) assures me that even though I am out of breath when I move, it’s OK as long as I don’t experience any chest pain.  So far, so good.  No chest pain here.  So now I need to start walking on a more regular basis.  Baby steps, to be sure, but it was great to get the green light from my doc.

Mike teamed up with me yesterday.  I wanted to take a sauna, so I started out walking toward the farm.  He waited 10+ minutes then he drove up, picked me up where I was, and we went and sweated it out in the sauna.  He’s such a great support person!  I really appreciate him and am thankful for him every day!

Nothing more for today, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


2 thoughts on “Dr. Yoo Who?”

  1. Hey, I know a guy whose name is Who and guess what?
    He’s a Dr too!
    So if your Dr Yoo met my Dr Who…
    There’s just no telling what these two docs could do.
    Right? ;-/
    Any way I really love your blog titles! As entertaining and inspiring as they they (the blogs) are, the real class act, hard work is done by you! Way to go Donna!

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