Random Thoughts

Day 279 in my mind bending way to meet up with Mickey

Today I want to share three separate and independent tidbits.

  1. I think our kitty was a raptor in former times.  She prowls our place testing the compound…and she remembers!  She is looking for ways out.  The problem is if she ever finds a way out, I’m not sure she’ll come back because (1) She is just that independent, (2) She has no front claws to defend herself, and we live where there are hawks and coyotes, raccoons and foxes.  I’m afraid she looks like a tasty morsel.  Today Mike had to repair a screen in our porch, because it was loose, and Kitty kept pushing it out little by little.  She would have escaped soon!
  2. The old adage goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Bullroar!  I have been eating apples daily for the last nine months, and it did NOT keep said doctors away.  As a matter of fact, I have just come through a bout of cancer and a rather painful operation.  (Of course, I ate hardly no apples for the first 58 and a half years of my life…hmmm…I might have to rethink that one.)  đź™‚
  3. Love is kneeling down in front of someone to put their shoes and socks on them, because they can’t reach without pain.  My Mikey has been doing this for the past three weeks everyday.  It couldn’t be any more romantic if he was Prince Charming and it was a glass slipper.  Feeling loved!

So what does this have to do with me eating better and getting more exercise to prepare to visit Walt Disney World in October?  Well, let’s just chalk it up to mental health and the need to vent.  Thanks for reading, dear followers!  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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