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12 Week Reward

Well, after all the whining in my last post…IT HAPPENED! Twelve weeks and I made that 20 pound loss mark, 20.2 pounds actually. I am so beyond jacked!

I have four more weeks in my initial Noom registration. In that four weeks my goals are to lose five more pounds, to increase my two daily walks by 10 minutes for an extra 20 minutes a day, and to investigate some new diabetic-friendly recipes that are also calorie-friendly and Noom-friendly.

Anyway, today has been a very good day. Thanks for following along this journey, Dear Readers.

Meet me at the Kingdom.


PS. I am booked at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter for my 65th birthday. Finally plan to attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT. It’s something to plan for, and something to help me stay on the straight and narrow.


Turning 65 at Walt Disney World

I’ve been thinking about turning 65 years old and becoming eligible for Medicare. It’s a year and a half away for me, but I’d like to celebrate it at Walt Disney World. I turned 60 there, and it just seems like this next milestone would be fun to be there, too. We wouldn’t be using our DVC points, because we’re saving those for Disneyland Paris in 2021. but I’ve always wanted to stay at Port Orleans French Quarter, and this may be the right opportunity to do so. Here’s what Disney has to say about it:

Revel in the romance and pageantry of New Orleans’s historic French Quarter at this Moderate Resort hotel, where cobblestone streets, gas lamps, wrought-iron balconies and fragrant magnolia blossoms evoke the Antebellum era and colorful Mardi Gras characters and jazz keep things lively.

We would take in the holiday sites, and go into EPCOT for one day so we could experience the Candlelight Processional.

A candlelight processional at Holidays Around The World at Epcot

Hear the stirring story of Christmas as told by a celebrity narrator, and accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra and massed choir. 

The rest of the time we would wander our resort, walk around and explore Disney Springs more thoroughly, book dining reservations at places we’ve never been before, and chill.
Sounds like fun, right? It’s something fun to think about anyway.
Meet you at the Kingdom.
P.S. I finally reached the 10 pounds off mark. It took nearly four weeks. It’s a hard win. This is the toughest weight loss ever for me. Perhaps in the long run, it will be the best. Here’s hoping.

Living with Peaks and Valleys

My body is driving me crazy!! It’s never been this hard for me to take off some weight before. I’m nearly three weeks in, and I’ve only lost eight pounds. Eight freaking pounds! Being 63 years old and trying to take weight off is almost torturous. Argh!! So frustrating.

Here’s my current MO: I gain a bit of weight two days in a row, then I lose enough on the third day to put me at a new lower weight. Then it’s gain, gain, lose again and again and again.

There I needed to vent that. Now let me say how my life has improved in those same few weeks. My blood pressure is down to normal numbers. My blood sugar levels are so much better. I’m not exhausted after climbing a set of stairs. I have so much more energy. I’m not so depressed. And I just plain feel better. So…forget you scale! I am winning this battle ever so slowly, but surely.

This morning when I weighed myself, I was bummed! But after take my other stats, taking my daily walk, eating foods that actually fuel my body, and thinking and praying about it, I feel renewed.

I can do this. I can be healthier. And if I lose pounds along the way, that’s a wonderful side effect.  My focus has to be my health and wellness, not just my weight.

I want to be able to really enjoy walking around Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studio Parc is two years. And maybe even spend a couple days touring Paris. This is my goal. This is my journey. I’m claiming it, and I’m sending it out into the universe.

Meet me at the Kingdom!


Delicious Day

This morning I woke up with a craving. I wanted a bagel. I knew there were still two Thomas’s Everything Bagels in the bread cupboard, and some Philadelphia Cream Cheese in the fridge. My Noom app let me check out the calories, and it didn’t look bad. So I treated myself to a bagel and two tablespoons of cream cheese for breakfast. It was pure bliss! I used up all of my red calories for the day, but it was so worth it today.

Noom is structured in a red foods, yellow foods and green foods method. Red is not bad, but the goal is to keep those calories to 25% of daily caloric intake. They recommend 45% yellow foods and 30% green foods. Here’s what Noom has to say about red foods, “Red foods simply raise a red flag for foods that contain a lot of calories without filling you up. So while you can eat green foods in larger quantities, you need to be more mindful of how much red foods you’re eating.”

Noom does recommend a treat once a week, so that incredible bagel was my treat. Every time I put something in my mouth, I’m making a decision. Am I going to eat something that will build my body up like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins? Or am I going to settle for something that will excite my taste buds for a few minutes, but potentially sabotage my body like candy, cake, cookies, or the myriad or other sugary foods that I seem to prefer? Today I will choose the former. Since I had such a satisfying treat for breakfast, my lunch will be a salad, and my dinner will be baked salmon with a small portion of sweet potato and some fresh raw vegetables.

And today I will add five minutes to my walk. Five more minutes trucking to the sound of the JoBros. (I really love their new CD!) My body will thank me tomorrow.

Meet me at the Kingdom.


P.S. My weight fluctuated in my preferred way this morning, down another half pound. A nice treat after yesterday’s weigh -in.



Day 208 in my waiting to see Mickey in October (7 months and 9 days to go)

Today my plan is to write this blog, make the best possible food choices, and move around as much as I can.

Happy birthday, Dear Emi.  Happy birthday to you.  May the Lord bless and keep you another year through!

Thirty-three years ago today my daughter Emi was born.  She is beautiful inside and out, of that there can be no doubt!  She was born with a ruddy complexion and a full head of flyaway black hair.  Mike (my husband) took one look and said, “Hm, must be from the postman’s side of the family.”  My roommate at the hospital had a visitor come in.  She said, “Oh, your baby is adorable.  And there is the cutest little Eskimo baby in the nursery, too.  Who does that belong to?” My roommate sheepishly looked at me, and I said, “That would be my daughter.”  🙂

I remember waiting for Emi to be born.  Waiting and waiting and waiting.  Then, in God’s perfect timing, she arrived.

It makes me think about waiting in general.  Right now I’m waiting for Spring.  I’m waiting to go to the Magic Kingdom and hug Mickey.  I’m waiting to lose more weight to take some of the pressure off of my joints so I can move even more.  Waiting…waiting…waiting.

But, the thing is, in God’s perfect timing and if it be His will, these things will indeed come to pass.  Spring really will come, with flowers blooming and birds singing again.  I will Fastpass+ my way to Mickey and a hug in October.  (And in my head the bird’s will be singing again.)  And I will lose more weight and take some of the pressure off of my achy joints.  (Then I will be singing.)

In God’s perfect timing, these things will happen if I just believe and accept His timing.  Slow progress still equals progress–with Spring, with my Mickey-meet-up, with my weight.  To God be the glory.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Pay Day–Weigh Day

Day 94 in my Mickey-meeting journey

My plan for today was to weigh myself.  I keep trying to not have any expectations, so I won’t have any disappointment when I step on the scale.  After all, that’s why I’m only weighing myself once a month.  The scale depresses me, in general, so weighing less often is better for my psyche.

But let’s get real.  I was hoping to be 30 pounds down when I stepped on the scale today.  What I found when I stepped on the scale is that in the last 94 days, I have lost 28.6 pounds.  And instead of being elated that I’ve lost 28.6 pounds, I was a little disappointed that it was not 30 pounds.

I guess after 40+ years of dieting, it’s just my human nature to want more.  But here’s the thing: I already feeling the difference.  I feel it in the way my clothes fit and in my ability to be a better employee and in the improvements I see around my home.  I just plain have more energy.  I owe it all to nutritious foods and more movement.  I quit “dieting” and I am down 28.6 pounds.  Halle-j-lujah!

And so I press on, dear readers.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: I really owe “it all” to the God who loves me, who considers me precious and keeps me close.  A God who is the King, which makes me a princess…a princess who is 28.6 pounds down.  🙂