Day 208 in my waiting to see Mickey in October (7 months and 9 days to go)

Today my plan is to write this blog, make the best possible food choices, and move around as much as I can.

Happy birthday, Dear Emi.  Happy birthday to you.  May the Lord bless and keep you another year through!

Thirty-three years ago today my daughter Emi was born.  She is beautiful inside and out, of that there can be no doubt!  She was born with a ruddy complexion and a full head of flyaway black hair.  Mike (my husband) took one look and said, “Hm, must be from the postman’s side of the family.”  My roommate at the hospital had a visitor come in.  She said, “Oh, your baby is adorable.  And there is the cutest little Eskimo baby in the nursery, too.  Who does that belong to?” My roommate sheepishly looked at me, and I said, “That would be my daughter.”  🙂

I remember waiting for Emi to be born.  Waiting and waiting and waiting.  Then, in God’s perfect timing, she arrived.

It makes me think about waiting in general.  Right now I’m waiting for Spring.  I’m waiting to go to the Magic Kingdom and hug Mickey.  I’m waiting to lose more weight to take some of the pressure off of my joints so I can move even more.  Waiting…waiting…waiting.

But, the thing is, in God’s perfect timing and if it be His will, these things will indeed come to pass.  Spring really will come, with flowers blooming and birds singing again.  I will Fastpass+ my way to Mickey and a hug in October.  (And in my head the bird’s will be singing again.)  And I will lose more weight and take some of the pressure off of my achy joints.  (Then I will be singing.)

In God’s perfect timing, these things will happen if I just believe and accept His timing.  Slow progress still equals progress–with Spring, with my Mickey-meet-up, with my weight.  To God be the glory.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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