Errand Girl…Errant Girl?

Day 84 in my mission to mingle with Mickey

Errant Girl: My Pumpkin Spice Latte and my Pina Colada cupcake yesterday were yummy!  So tasty.   BUT I definitely experienced the inevitable post sugar-ingesting crash.  The sugar from the latte contributed to an early afternoon sugar coma/nap.  The sugar, from the cupcake at dinner, helped keep me up until 1:00 am.  I felt sluggish and and listless this morning.

So today’s plan was to get a bunch of errands done…Errand Girl.  And I did!  Here’s the list:

  1. shower and wash my hair
  2. clip my nails
  3. pluck my chin hairs (I hate this part of aging!)
  4. do some laundry
  5. pick up a few groceries
  6. input the music for a new Lamb of God on “Sybelius” for the congregation and for Damascus Road to use during Advent through Lent
  7. write bills for this pay period
  8. go to the post office, buy stamps and mail said bills
  9. figure out our tithe for 2015 and prepare our pledge card for Commitment Sunday (November 9)
  10. plan our menu for the week
  11. write a store list for grocery shopping tomorrow
  12. help prepare dinner
  13. do the dishes.

Whew!  Sure beats sitting in my chair all day, eating junk food and slipping in and out of simple-carb comas/naps.  Winning!!

So, gentle readers, there is progress being made.  And by the grace of God,  I have left sugar behind me again until Thanksgiving Day.  I will most likely have another sugary latte and a piece of pumpkin pie.  But I will follow it with a 5K walk on the following Saturday.  (Well, as far as I can make it anyway…)  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!



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