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Day 69 in my journey to join Mickey at The Magic Kingdom  (Why do I find myself thinking about using the “Shake Weight” today?  🙂  I know…I’m nasty!)

Dear readers, I’m so excited today!  I stepped on the scale to see how much ground I had lost (as in how much weight I had gained) on our trip to the UP.  You know, eating out a lot, lots of salty food with higher fat content than what I eat in my controlled environment.  I just wanted to see what the damage was, so I could have a realistic idea of where I am.  Surprise of surprises, I’ve lost another 3.4 pounds!  So now I’m down 22.2 pounds from the start!  Woot!  Woot!  (Cue Disco music)

So today my plan was to do a half hour of “Lean Body Workout.”  But instead I went grocery shopping.  I did the BIG shop all by myself.  I was on my feet walking around the store for an hour.  My knees locked up, because they are not used to me standing for that long anymore.  I was sweaty and smelly and gross.  But still, dear readers, I did it!!  Our cupboards are no longer bare.  And tonight I will make “Surprise Package Casserole.”  It’s one of my favorites from “Recipes to Lower Your Fat Thermostat.”

I feel absolutely exhilarated!  Good food, a good physical challenge and I’m on my second cup of coffee today from my new Keurig.  Life is good, my friends!

Meet you at the Kingdom!