Day 417 in some bad choices on my way to meeting Mickey (13 days to go)

I succumbed to my dark side today.  On the way to work I pulled into Dunkin Donuts for a dark roast coffee, but I drove out with a Pumpkin Macchiato.  Why did I do it?  I do not know.  I just wanted it and made that choice.

The problem with making one bad choice in the morning is that it makes it all the easier to make more bad choices as the day progresses.  Once I drank that much sugar, I craved more sugar by the end of the work day.  So…when I picked up a salad from Potbelly for Mike and I to share with our baked chicken tonight, I also picked up 2 chocolate brownie cookies.  Then I promptly ate them.  Argh!

So tonight for dinner I am back on the wagon.  I’m trying something new tonight.  I picked up a small baking pumpkin, sliced it into 1-inch slices, sprinkled it with olive oil, then added pumpkin pie spice and sea salt.  The recipe called for brown sugar, too, but I’m going to try it without.  Enough is enough with the sugar already!

Here’s to better choices and a healthier day tomorrow.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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