Working To Play

Day 416 in getting ready to meet Mickey (14 days to go)

Today I started the difficult task of working ahead on the job, so I can have as much done as possible before we go to Florida just 2 weeks from today!!  We will be there for eight nights, so with travel days, that makes nine days away from the office. Even though it is really only six “work” days I’m missing, there is a lot of work to get ready before we go.

  1. Work on the November newsletter
  2. Prepare mailings that must go out while I’m away
  3. Get church bulletins ready for two extra Sundays
  4. Get church announcements ready for two extra Sundays
  5. Prepare prayers and lessons for two weeks out
  6. Arrange for some office coverage each day I’m away
  7. And…and…etc…etc…

I did manage to eat well today, and I am sugar-free.  I didn’t get a walk in, because I slept through my alarm.  I will get up early tomorrow and tackle a walk again.  I did walk around more than usual at work today though.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: Happy birthday, Dear Kirk (nephew extraordinaire)!  And happy National Coffee Day, Dear Readers!


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