Moving and Breathing

Day 351 in working my way back to you, Mickey!  (Think The Four Seasons melody) Today’s plan is to firm up our grocery shopping list for our vacation in October.  This evening Jake and Eliza (our son and daughter-in-law) will come over for dinner.  While they are here we will finish up our grocery list, so I can send it off to  It’s important to send the order early to get on their delivery list.  They only take X-amount of orders for each delivery day.  I hope to submit our list tomorrow morning.

Today we had a lovely breakfast at Eggsperience Cafe in Bannockburn.  They make a most delicious Eleni’s Egg-white Scramble: two egg whites with roasted red peppers, spinach and onion, served with fresh fruit and a piece of 9-grain toast with butter.  The presentation was beautiful for this healthy choice breakfast.

Then we were off to Great Clips for a $14 haircut.  I was in and out, before Mike had a chance to pay for his new swim suit at Dick’s Sporting Goods nearby.

Then I WALKED to Pet Smart at the other end of the strip mall to pick up an order of kitty food that I had ordered and paid for online.  I walked it!!  Thanks to my rescue inhaler, I actually believed I could make that walk, and I did it.  This is huge for me!  I walked it and kept drawing in deep, lung-filling breaths.  It was spectacular!  Mike moved the car to Pet Smart.  (Thank you, Honey!)

Finally we headed for Sam’s Club.  That place is huge!  I hadn’t quite recovered all the way from my walk when we got there, but I pushed on.  We picked up some things for my upcoming family reunion.  (OMGoodness!  I can’t wait to visit with my cousins again!!!)  We were in the store for about 45 minutes, and by the end my legs were giving out on me.  Mike ran to get the car, and I collapsed into my seat and cranked the AC.  (Don’t worry; I didn’t literally collapse.  I’m taking a bit of literary license for dramatic effect.)  😉

Dear readers, it is so-o-o-o-o good to have the energy and the lung capacity to move some.  Thank you, Jesus!!!  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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