Can’t Do This, But How About That?

Day 350 in my journey to meet up with Mickey

Today’s plan was to be dialing Disney Vacation Club (DVC) at 8:00 am this morning, to book our Parisian Breakfast in October.  Today’s reality?  I was dialing DVC at 9:20 am when I was finally wide awake enough to make sense on the phone.  I spoke to a lovely woman who, after much research and deliberation, told me that the Parisian Breakfast is not available for booking until next Thursday.  Man!  However, I did book a Beverage Seminar for Mike and I.  Mike likes the occasional glass of wine with dinner, so I thought he might enjoy a talk on California wines at EPCOT. He does indeed sound enthusiastic about the prospect.

It was so nice to have a whole Friday at home, and I managed to stay sugar-free and eat healthily today.  Yay!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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