Garden Grocer

Day 352 in planning to enjoy meeting up with Mickey (2 months and 16 days to go)

Today my plan was to place the order for groceries to be delivered to Old Key West on the day we arrive.  I downloaded the app for Garden Grocer.  The six of us traveling to Walt Disney World in October put our heads together and came up with a grocery list.  I had the list on my Garden Grocer app, so I sent it in today.  They called me back within half an hour to confirm that they have the order, and it will be delivered to Bell Services at Old Key West on Tuesday, October 13, sometime between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  Then they’ll call me when it has been delivered to the resort, so I can contact Bell Services and arrange for delivery to our room.

We plan to have three sit down dinners in our villa.  We have a full kitchen and a table with 12 chairs to use so it should be quite nice.  The rest of our meals at the villa will be catch as catch can.  A bowl of cereal in the morning, a hot dog for lunch, etc…  It’s a nice set up as a home away from home.

I am getting so excited!  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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