Weary Week

Day 307 in my trek toward meeting Mickey

Today’s plan was to finish the work week strong.  I have been exhausted all week.  Having my daughter Emi home for a week was a blitz of activity.  It was so fun and so tiring.  So I have been aiming for Friday like a bullet.  I am off tomorrow (Friday).  Halle-J-Lu-jah!  I did it.  I got through the week and accomplished much on the job.  Whew!  Now I can crash for a day, and get my feet under to again.  (I refuse to answer my phone or any knocks on my door tomorrow!)

I am still healing from my surgery.  I had only one scab left from my seven incisions, so I cut it off today with fingernail clippers.  🙂  Probably not the best idea ever, but I was so done looking at it there.  I promise to tell my doc when I see her on June 29.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: Shout out to Daniel Carlson for bagging an internship at Walt Disney World!  That is so-o-o-o-o exciting!  Congratulations!


One thought on “Weary Week”

  1. Hope you have a wonderful, refreshing, rejuvenating day of rest today! If it isn’t raining this afternoon, I am horseback riding with my girl scouts! See you on Sunday! Debbie

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