Of Water and Birthdays

Day 293 in my research into activities while we visit Walt Disney World and meet up with Mickey

Today my plan was to check out the latest version of WDW Magazine.  It’s an online magazine, and it’s a bit expensive, but for a Disney buff like me, it is magnificent!  The latest issue is about the water parks and all things water at Walt Disney World.  I started looking  at it because my daughter-in-love Eliza asked if there was any place to rent kayaks or canoes at Walt Disney World.  Lo and behold there is.  For only $11 for 60 minutes, you can rent a canoe at Disney’s Fort Wilderness and Campground.  With any luck at all the kids will canoe to their hearts content, and perhaps their dad will join them.  Me?  I’ll be sitting in the shade, in a rocker at Trail’s End Restaurant with a good book.  Sheer bliss!

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW:  Happy birthday to my brother Gary yesterday.  Happy birthday to my mom (me littl’ English mum) in heaven today.  Happy  birthday to my brother Howard tomorrow.  I love you all, and wish we could share a cuppa to celebrate. xxoo


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