Slow, But Sure, Progress

Day 292 in my plugging along to be healthier when I meet up with Mickey.

Today’s plan was to finally shower in my own bathroom by myself and still manage to get to work on time to put in a full work day.  I showered by myself in the first week after my surgery.  By the end of the shower, I was wheezing, light-headed and extremely achy.  Since then I have been going up to sauna at the farm with Mike and showering there.  There is no tub to climb into and out of, and there are benches right there in case of dizziness.  However, today I was finally ready, and I accomplished the task.  I didn’t get dizzy, and I was only a little achy. It took four weeks but at least there has been progress.

My work day was busy and productive.  Hallelujah!  I accomplished much.  ButI am sore today.  The thing about recovering from major surgery is there are good days and bad.  Today?  Not so good.  The achiness that started this morning has pretty much hung in there all day, so early to bed tonight.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


3 thoughts on “Slow, But Sure, Progress”

    1. I didn’t realize how much time it takes to recover from major surgery! Not only the body but ones daily routine ! The sauna shower….good idea! Do you have anyone like Home Health Care down there?

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