God Is Up In Here

Day 280 on my way to the House of Mouse

Today in my quest to be healthier when I meet up with Mickey, I will go in for my post-operative exam.  I had hoped to be much farther down the line by now.  I have had three post-operative set backs: 1) oozing/bleeding sores from the tape that was used, 2) exercised induced asthma (which, I have no idea if this is true, but I suspect is a product of the anesthetic + high tree and mold counts in our area) and 3) a raging urinary tract infection.  A dear sister-friend pointed out to me that God wanted me to have this extended time to heal and to be ministered to.  And when I cried as she chatted with me, she said, “Tears of joy are OK.”  (Thank you, dear Shelly Holmstrom, for putting things into a right perspective!)  I have cried a lot of tears of relief, joy, thankfulness and peace.  And it is all balm to my soul.  (But I just have to say to my ladies out there: isn’t it interesting that happy tears still looks like ugly crying face???)

And speaking of balm to my soul, at our church’s Cafe Chocolat retreat, I was in a “Sweet Circle” with four other women.  Some I knew quite well, others not so much.  We were given a lot of time to share, laugh, cry and pray together.  Definitely balm! One of the women in my group spoke about a book that she was using for daily devotions: “My Grandfather’s Blessings: Stories of Strength, Refuge and Belonging” by Rachel Naomi Remen.  Here’s what Amazon says about it.

“In My Grandfather’s Blessings, Rachel Naomi Remen, a cancer physician and master storyteller, uses her luminous stories to remind us of the power of our kindness and the joy of being alive.

Dr. Remen’s grandfather, an orthodox rabbi and scholar of the Kabbalah, saw life as a web of connection and knew that everyone belonged to him, and that he belonged to everyone. He taught her that blessing one another is what fills our emptiness, heals our loneliness, and connects us more deeply to life.

Life has given us many more blessings than we have allowed ourselves to receive. My Grandfather’s Blessings is about how we can recognize and receive our blessings and bless the life in others. Serving others heals us. Through our service we will discover our own wholeness—and the way to restore hidden wholeness in the world.”

Thank you, Carol Bettendorf, for recommending this book and for sending me a copy of it!  I has helped heal me; it has blessed me; it has been my “Balm in Gilead.”  (Check out the words to that old, old, hymn…priceless!  It is by Washington Glass, I think.)  Here’s a sample: “There is balm in Gilead, To make the wounded whole; There’s power enough in heaven, To cure a sin-sick soul.”

Dear Readers, this sin-sick soul is feeling bathed in love and light.  I have been held up by a wall of prayer from those “angels” in my life,  I have been ministered to by my loving husband (thank you, Lord, for Mike!), and I have been wrapped in the Holy Spirit and in the Savior’s promise to never leave or forsake me.  This healing goes way deeper than my cuts and scars.  This healing goes all the way to my soul and spirit.  Thanks be to God!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


3 thoughts on “God Is Up In Here”

  1. My dear Donna
    So true! And these times bring us closer and appreciate each other more. And realize how God really does watch over us
    I love you

    Liked by 1 person

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