Motivated to Move for Mickey

Day 209 in my motion to meet Mickey (7 months and 8 days to go)

Today my plan was to be a bit more active at work.  So I:

  1. Set up Damascus Road (our contemporary band.)
  2. Printed, cut and assembled the weekly church bulletins.
  3. Moved a very heavy box from a cabinet in my office to my co-worker Chris’s office.  (I am woman; hear me roar!)
  4. Removed a heavy box of outdated offering envelopes from that same cabinet and put them all in recycling.  (Think Rocky Theme)
  5. Made every effort to make as many trips as possible around inside the building to rack up some extra steps.

I feel good about the movement, but my right knee is barking a little.  🙂

Also tonight we will dine out after our Damascus Road rehearsal.  I plan to order a steak salad.  The combination of the warm, tender steak and the crisp greens will make my week.  It’s the little things, my Peeps.  Stay warm; I do believe Spring will eventually come.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: Props to my niece and Godchild Merr.  Happy birthday, Sweet Girl!  Love you so much.  xxoo


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