Blew It!

Yesterday was day 181 and I am losing my mind on my way to meet Mickey

I completely forgot to post yesterday.  And BTW I did not have a great day.  I have had a tendency in the past to comfort myself with food when I’m feeling sorry for myself.  And that is exactly what I did yesterday.  I stopped at Walgreen’s after work to pick up some gauze pads and paper tape (I’m allergic to latex/tape on my skin) for my bloody, throbbing  toe.  I also picked up some Skinny Pop.  It’s really great popcorn with no additives, and a low calorie count.  Jake (my son) wrote an article for Forest and Bluff Magazine.  The man who came up with Skinny Pop did so because his own child has allergies and also cannot eat gluten, so he wanted to create snacks that his child could eat with no negative consequences.  Quite brilliant, really.

Anyway, on my way back to the checkout counter I walked through the Valentine’s Day goodies aisle, and there they were…Russell Stover Strawberry Cream Hearts.  My palms got sweaty, and all I could think about was my next fix.  I succumbed.  Four hearts later I was on a sugar high.  The first in a long time.  I hate that I love it so much  🙂

So there you have it: confessions of a full blown sugar addict.  Fear not, for I am back on the wagon and ready to leave sugar behind once again.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


2 thoughts on “Blew It!”

  1. What does BTW mean? We all fall and we just have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and start over. Forget it!! You did it and it’s over and let it go.


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