Taking Those Painful Steps

Day 58 in my journey to meet up with Mickey

My plan today is to get in a twenty minute walk.  I’ll either do it at the grocery store after work or at the farm when I get home.  Monday’s can be flippin’ hard days.  Can’t they?  So it’s a double challenge.  1) Walk for at least 20 minutes and 2) Do it on a Monday.

Are you playing the world’s tiniest violin for me yet?  🙂  I am fighting my way back from morbid obesity and a year-long depression.  It is hard work for me.  My body just does not want to move yet.  But it is moving better than it was just 58 days ago, so hope springs eternal.

We had a ball making plans for our trip yesterday.  It made me even more determined to stay the course.  It was a real shot in the arm to my quest.  Sometimes a person just needs something fun to do that affirms the hard work.  That was yesterday for me.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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