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merry christmas in july!

Today I picked up a Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace by Little People second hand through a local online marketplace. I brought it home then played with it with my youngest granddaughter. So fun! It felt like Christmas wrapped in Disney, wrapped in family fun.

In today’s featured photo you can see how much fun the baby was having with the palace and the figures. As soon as we would set the characters up to dance, she would pull them off of their places and bang them together while smiling and chatting.

At Christmas my oldest (3 years old) granddaughter will be here. I’m so excited to played with it with her, too!

Anyway it’s been a fun day. Meet me at the Kingdom.



Christmas in July

Ok, so here’s the deal. I love Christmas! When I say that, people usually say, “Oh, I like Christmas, too.” They do not understand. When I say, “I love Christmas,” I mean, I LOVE Christmas!! As a matter of fact, I love the whole month of December.

How could I not? My birthday is the first week of December. My brother’s birthday is the second week of December. My other brother’s wedding anniversary is the third week of December. Christmas is the fourth week of December. And then the month is capped off with the celebration of the New Year.

Party, party, party, right? And that’s pretty much the way it was at our house growing up. We had something to celebrate every single week, so who cared if it was cold and super snowy outside? It was a golden month.

So maybe you’ll understand why I celebrate Christmas in July. I watch Christmas movies on Hallmark. I drink my coffee in the morning out my favorite Christmas mug. And I make it a point to greet the people I see. Rather than “Merry Christmas”, I say, “Hello, how are you doing today?” No slipping by people with eyes averted. No being stuck in my own shell. I make a concerted effort to engage people.

It feels good. My mood is elevated. All seems right with my nearby world.

So “Hello, Dear Readers, how are you doing today?”

Meet me at the Kingdom!

P.S. I’m still Nooming and still watching the scale move slowly down. I’m getting in more steps each day, and I’m selecting foods that are good for my body. “I feel good, da da da da da da da. You know that I should now, da, da, da, da, da, da, da…”

P.P.S. Today’s featured photo is my son-in-love placing the tree topper on our Christmas tree. I love it!

Generous Gift

Day 399 in my incredible journey to meeting up with Mickey

OMGoodness, I am blown away.  I just had a phone call from a dear person gifting me and Mike three nights at a Value Resort at Walt Disney World in December in celebration of my 60th birthday.  We are booked at the All Star Sports Resort on December 6, 7 and 8.  WOW!  I can’t even believe it.  I will be at Disney World twice before the end of this year.  Incredible!

Today’s plan is to book some dining reservations and purchase tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  How fun!  I am completely overwhelmed by this gesture, and very, very excited about Disney World all decked out for Christmas.  Holy wah!

Meet you at the Kingdom!

Deconstructing Christmas

Day 161 in my chores to get ready to meet Mickey

Today’s plan was to take care of my least favorite task of the year.  Worse than figuring out our taxes, worse than scrubbing the toilet, worse than driving to or from work in a blizzard.  Today I took down our Christmas decorations.  It’s always a drag.

I love the colors of the Christmas tree lights and my special light-up wreath on cold winter evenings.  I love the emotions that they elicit in me.  When I come home from work and put on the lights, I am in one of my happy places.  *sigh*

Now I need to focus on another of my happy places, so I keep on keeping on getting ready for Florida in October.  I have a physical reaction when I get into our room at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.  It is a home away from home, and I can feel the stress of daily life ebb away once I’m there.

So goodbye Christmas, and hello New Year, new me.  (Well, I’ll still be me, but you know what I mean.)

Meet you at the Kingdom!