Deconstructing Christmas

Day 161 in my chores to get ready to meet Mickey

Today’s plan was to take care of my least favorite task of the year.  Worse than figuring out our taxes, worse than scrubbing the toilet, worse than driving to or from work in a blizzard.  Today I took down our Christmas decorations.  It’s always a drag.

I love the colors of the Christmas tree lights and my special light-up wreath on cold winter evenings.  I love the emotions that they elicit in me.  When I come home from work and put on the lights, I am in one of my happy places.  *sigh*

Now I need to focus on another of my happy places, so I keep on keeping on getting ready for Florida in October.  I have a physical reaction when I get into our room at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.  It is a home away from home, and I can feel the stress of daily life ebb away once I’m there.

So goodbye Christmas, and hello New Year, new me.  (Well, I’ll still be me, but you know what I mean.)

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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