On Track, Fighting Back

Day 408 in taking the right steps to meet up with Mickey (22 days to go)

Today’s plan, as stated in yesterday’s blog, was to get back on the beam.  It’s been a good day.  I woke up a half hour early and took a walk this morning.  It was torture!

Waking up early is not my thing.  I am not a morning person.  As a matter of fact Mike, Jake, nor I are morning people.  Emi is a morning person, and frankly, I’m amazing she lived to tell the story.  She is an amazing person, and I deeply admire her ability to rise above the morning mourning that happened every day of her growing up.

But anyway I got my butt out of bed early and did it, one morning down.

I have also had a great food day.  We had baked salmon and sweet potato for dinner with plenty of raw veg.   And I am drinking more water again.  No sugar today.  I feel satiated and nourished.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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