Work and Play

Day 360 in working toward a healthier me to meet Mickey

  1. Today’s plan was to up the physical activity factor at work today.  New carpet is being put in my office on Monday.  Mike and I are leaving town tomorrow evening (Thursday) for a family reunion in Michigan.  So I have been purging and moving things out of the office most of today.  My neck is sore, my back is bit achy, even my wrists and ankles are complaining.  🙂  But I have been VERY physically active today.  And, thanks to my rescue inhaler, I haven’t gotten out of breath and wheezy.  Yay!  I’m liking this new me, and I’ll like it even better when I am moving around more.
  2. On a side note: Be Our Guest, a restaurant at Magic Kingdom, opened reservations today for breakfast.  They used to only serve lunch and dinner.  I thought, “Great!  We can change our reservation for there rather than Crystal Palace, since we’ve already eaten breakfast at Crystal Palace.  We’ll try something new.”  Well, I should have been online at 6:00 am, but I didn’t remember until 9:00 am, so guess what…no reservations available.  Figures.  It’s a good things we like Crystal Palace.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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