Slowly Tackling FastPass+

Day 353 in figuring my way to Mickey

Today I attempted to put together FastPass+ options for our five days in the Walt Disney World parks in October.  It’s no easy task. You have to figure in the distance between attractions and account for any dining plans.  I’m not sure they let you pick specific times or a specific order of attractions. I won’t know until I try to make the actual FastPass+ picks on August 14th. Anyway I spent some time studying it today. It’s kinda complicated.  And the two tier system at EPCOT and Disney Hollywood Studios is a real drag!  At the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom, they just give you a list of all the eligible rides and you pick any three. But at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios you have to pick only one ride from tier one (Do we pick Soarin’ or Test Track?  Do we pick Rockin’ Roller Coaster or Toy Story Mania?).  Then you have to pick your other two choices from tier two, the less popular rides. Me no likey!!

 Remember the days when we could just get in line and hit any attraction we wanted? *sigh*

Meet you at the Kingdom. 


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