And the Winner Is…

Day 349  in my deliberations as I prepare to meet up with Mickey

Today the 240 page document on The 2015 Food and Wine Festival became available for download.  People can book the special events beginning 9:00 am EST on July 31st.  So I thought, “Great, I have a week to decide which special event to attend.”  Then as I read further, I saw that Disney Vacation Club members can book online beginning TOMORROW MORNING at 9:00 am EST.  OMGoodness!  That really turned up the burner.  I became a speed reader and flew through the downloaded document.

And the winner is…Parisian Breakfast!  So if I can get the reservation, Mike and I will have breakfast at the French Pavilion at EPCOT on a Saturday morning in October.  It’s one of the least expensive of my options, and it just plain sounds romantic.  I would love to sit across from Mike sharing a croissant and fruit while sipping a cup of French roast coffee.  Oui, oui, little French Girl, I will see you there.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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