Disney Grocery Shopping

Day 343 in marching toward Mickey

Today’s plan was to investigate grocery stores that deliver to Walt Disney World.  I looked at several possibilities, and then read reviews by Disney Vacation Club members who have used them.  The service that kept rising to the top is gardengrocer.com.  If you order 60 or more days in advance, then you receive a 10% discount on your order.  The delivery fee is a flat $14, but if you order more than $200 in groceries, the fee drops to $2.  There will be six of us eating for seven days, one to two meals a day, so we will definitely spend at least $200.

So now I just have to garner grocery lists from Jake & Eliza and Emi & James.  (my kids and their spouses, or should I say their spice?)  Then next week I will place our order online, and it will arrive at Old Key West on October 13th and wait for us to arrange delivery to our room.  I’m so excited!  Even ordering groceries for our vacation is exciting!

On a side note: I made some terrible choices today.  I drove home after work, but the cleaners were still at our house, so I drove to town, parked at the park and read for awhile.  Then I decided to pick up a coffee.  I went to Dunkin Donuts, and instead of ordering the iced coffee that I went there for, I ordered a Turtle Cappuccino Blast.  Surprising, I didn’t order a large like I used to do.  It’s a 90 degrees plus day here with 85% humidity, but that’s no excuse.  Then to add insult to injury, I stopped at Taco Bell and tried an order of their new Cap’s Crunch Donuts.  People, I regret it.  I feel so sick to my stomach from my unhealthy choices.  Gag!  But I refuse to throw up.  I need to experience this and remember how awful it feels.  So here I am, starting over.  Sugar-free from here forward…again.

I willingly, and with full knowledge of what I was doing, stepped into that pit!  I am not proud of that choice.  I am asking for God’s forgiveness, which he so freely gives.  I am repenting, realizing that by it’s definition, it means “to turn away from”.  I am turning away from sugar for the foreseeable future.

I move forward, not guilt ridden, but with hope for eating clean from here on.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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