Overdue Payday

Day 341 in my triumphs on the way to Mickey at the Magic Kingdom

Today’s plan was to take stock of things.  Now that I am beyond my cancer surgery by two and a half months, now that our Walt Disney World vacation is only two months and twenty-eight days away, now that I am only five and a half months from retirement, it’s gut-check time.  How am I doing?  Am I on track?  Am I off the rails?

So, with no small amount of fear and trepidation, I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in a long time.  I have been eating very healthy meals (many more vegetables in my life) and avoiding sugar and extra salt.  But I have not been as mobile as I want to be.  I hope to change that as my breathing gets regulated, and I have a bit more energy.

The scale was my friend today.  I am down 49.4 pounds from my beginning last August.  Come on 50!

I know I have lost approximately 1000 pounds in my lifetime.  I don’t recommend it…yoyo dieting.  It really messes with your metabolism.  When I was younger, I would pick a diet, stick with it and drop 50 pounds, then be sick of it and give up.  Then when I hit my middle-40’s, I would pick a diet, stick with it and drop 30 pounds, (in the same amount of time that I used to drop 50 pounds) then be sick of it and give up. So this 50 pounds has a lot of meaning for me.  I’m nowhere near my goal, but I’ve given up on dieting, and here I am eleven months later still eating healthier than ever before.

Thank you, dear readers, for your support and encouragement.  It means so much to me.  Meet you at the Kingdom!



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