Day 299 in my humiliation on the way to a healthier me when I meet up with Mickey in October (4 months and 10 days to go)

Today’s plan was to get through the day with as little pain as possible.  Let me explain.  This morning as I was stepping into the bathtub to take my shower, I held onto a suction grab bar.  I put too much weight on it, and it gave way.  The next thing I knew I was lying in a twisted position in the bottom of the tub.  I hit my head, and in the process wrenched my neck and shoulder.  I hit my sore arthritic hip, my knee, my arm.  So everything is aching.

Praise God that Emi (my daughter) is visiting.  She heard the thunderous noise of me falling (as I play it back in slow motion I keep hearing, “Timber!” shouted in my head), and she came running up the stairs to help me.

Dear readers, I have to tell you that getting this massive body up is no easy task.  Emi called Mike (my honey) and he came racing home.  In the meantime, Emi had rigged up a heavy duty strap for me to pull on.  Once Mike got there, they put a blanket around me and each of them pulled on a side, while I pulled on the strap.  Thank you, Jesus, we were able to get me up onto the side of the tub.

Emi and I have been exhausted all day from the trauma of it.  Thank you, Lord, I still have some prescription Motrin from my surgery for pain.  I just ache all over, but here’s the bright side.  I am more determined that ever, to keep eating healthy and to keep moving more, and to keep going on this healthier path.

Here’s one miracle story to prove my determination.  Today I got a bit peckish (hungry) at 2:30 pm.  I knew there was cake in the freezer at work…really good cake with buttercream frosting.  This is one of my favorite goodies (baddies?).  There is also strawberry shortcake in the freezer.  Either would have been delicious and satisfying.  Which did I choose?  The Pink Lady apple that I had brought along from home.  🙂  Just a few short months ago I would have never made that choice.  But you know what?  That apple was delicious and very satisfying.  Praise God!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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