Busy and Blessed

Day 288 in my striving to be healthier to meet up with Mickey in October at Magic Kingdom  (4 months and 20 days to go)

Today’s plan was to take care of some personal business.  I first drove back to the church where I work, because I wore my computer glasses home yesterday, rather than my everyday glasses.  My computer glasses are only effective at the distance from the computer to my chair, so they make it difficult to read, drive, watch TV, or anything else outside that range.  Since it is Memorial Day weekend, I chose to get my glass so I can see properly to enjoy the long weekend.

Next I treated myself to breakfast at Eggsperience, in Bannockburn.  I had an egg white and veggie omelet with mozzarella (I ate about half of it and took the rest home), one piece of rye toast with butter and a skim cappuccino.  Wow!  A healthy and delicious start to a busy day!

Then I went to Bent Fork Bakery in Highwood.  We are having a lovely Nigerian family of four over to brunch tomorrow after church.  Mike (my sweetest) will make kropsua, a Finnish pancake.  (It’s actually a lot like Yorkshire pudding, except you cook it in butter rather than in beef drippings.)  We will also have fresh cut-up fruit, sausage, juice, coffee, sweet rolls from the Bent Fork (for my guests and Mikie, not for me) and bacon.  (Speaking of bacon: it is really hard to find bacon without sugar in it.  I was shocked!!  I finally found some that claims to have not more that 2% sugar, so I grabbed that.)  I’m looking forward to visiting with the Bakfwash family tomorrow!

Next I went and knocked off our weekly grocery shopping.  This was a huge undertaking for me, as I continue to recover from major surgery.  My doc told me to listen to my body and if something hurts, I should quit doing it.  So with that in mind I moved at a turtle’s pace through the store, and when I felt my tiring, I skipped the last few items on the list.  A lovely Heinens worker helped me to the car and loaded the groceries for me.  (In the course of our visit, I found out he will turn 20 on Monday, and wants a cookout for his birthday.  Luckily Heinens is closed on Memorial Day, so he is off.  Isn’t that a wonderful policy?  I dig it!)

Then I went home where Mikie unloaded the groceries.  (I am not supposed to lift more that 10 pounds for 16 weeks at least.)

Whew!  A productive and beautiful (thank you, Lord, for this glorious weather) day.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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