Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party

Day 269 in my preparations to meet up with Mickey

Today’s plan actually happened last night.  I booked us for Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party.  So now on our first full day at Walt Disney World this October.  We will start the day out with an early breakfast at the Crystal Palace (or Crystal Cathedral if you prefer–that’s for you, Wayno!) at Magic Kingdom,  Then everyone can go wherever they want for the middle of the day.  Then we meet up at the Dessert Party back at Magic Kingdom at 9:20 pm and sit and enjoy warm and/or cool drinks and various desserts while we wait for and then watch the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle.

In the middle of that first day, I have a date with Disney’s Old Key West Resort.  I want to swim, and I want to sit and sip a cool drink on the boardwalk at the marina.  I can just feel the sun warming my back as I read my Kindle.  I can just smell the local flora (and the chlorinated pool).  It will be magical.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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