Healing Hurts

Day 268 in my limp toward Mickey

Healing hurts.  When you have major surgery, there is a long period of healing that follows your hospital stay.  Now I would love to be that person saying, “Oh, I’m great.  Everything’s fine.  It’s all good,”  but the truth is healing hurts.  Stabbing pains at time, sore bruises from IV failed attempts and successes, blood draws, bruises at and near incision sites, bruises from being inverted for robotic surgery, scratches from being held in place during robotic surgery, blisters from the tape they used on the gauze pads on me, ow, ow, OW, dang it!

The good days are very good and the bad days, well, they’re not so good.  This morning was a bad morning.  As Mike got up, made coffee and prepared to go lead worship with Damascus Road, I found another broken blister, had painful gas and every bruise and incision ached. I had had it!  So I cried and I cried and I cried.  And then I quit crying, took my Narco and slowly embraced the day.  So my plan for today, is to survive the day and count some blessings.

  1. God met me today during my devotions.  He always does, but this morning it was more obvious to me.  I am using the book, “My Grandfather’s Blessings.”  Very powerful and very moving.
  2. Jake ( my son) brought me breakfast after church: a Starbuck’s breakfast sandwich and an iced decaf skinny mocha.
  3. I have good pain meds to help me through this day.
  4. The kids are coming over for dinner tonight for a good visit and a pot roast with salad.
  5. And A.D. is on NBC tonight.  Loving that show!

So that’s quite a bit of blessings on a tough day.  God is good all the time!  Meet you at the Kingdom.


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